‘Where is Hunter Biden’s Laptop?’ Watch FBI Cyber Official Squirm As He’s Grilled Over Biden Family Corruption

Chairman Nadler initially objects to entering contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop into official record, but later allows it while FBI official says that there was ‘no swap or concession’ in convicted Russian hacker Aleksei Burkov’s release in 2021: hearing

On the heels of US President Joe Biden’s warning of a Russian cyberattack on America’s critical infrastructure, the assistant director of the FBI’s Cyber Division testifies “there are compromises against some” of the 16 critical infrastructure sectors considered to be “off-limits.”

In June, 2021, President Biden told reporters he gave Russian President Vladimir Putin a list of 16 critical infrastructure sectors that were “off-limits” to cyberattacks.

Today, Bryan Vorndran, Assistant Director at the FBI’s Cyber Division, testified before the House Judiciary Committee that there were compromises against some of those 16 critical infrastructure sectors.

However, the FBI official wouldn’t identify which sectors had compromises, nor could he answer whether the compromises came from Russia or some other entity, nor could he speak to the extent of the compromises.

Also in today’s “Oversight of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Cyber Division” hearing:

  • Rep Matt Gaetz entered content from Hunter Biden’s laptop into the official record
  • Chairman Jerry Nadler initially objected to Gaetz’s request “pending further investigation,” but later allowed it
  • Witness from the FBI testified there were no “swaps or concessions” made for convicted
  • Russian hacker Aleksei Burkov’s deportation to Moscow in 2021

When asked by Representative Andy Biggs if there had been “any cybersecurity attacks or breaches” on the list of 16 critical infrastructure sectors given to Putin, Vorndran at first testified that he didn’t know the answer.

However, he backtracked moments later, recalling, “There are compromises against some of those 16 critical infrastructure sectors that you mentioned — I can’t speak specifically to which ones.”

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) on Tuesday grilled the FBI’s assistant head of the cyber division Bryan Vorndran in front of the House Judiciary Committee over the massive developing scandal taking place on his agency’s watch.

GAETZ: So, where is it? The laptop.

VORNDRAN: Sir, I’m not here to talk about the laptop. I’m here to talk about the FBI cyber program.

GAETZ: You are the assistant director of FBI cyber. I want to know where Hunter Biden’s laptop is. Where is it?

VORNDRAN: Sir? I don’t know. That answer.

GAETZ: That is astonishing to me is. Has FBI cyber assessed whether or not Hunter Biden’s laptop could be a point of vulnerability allowing America’s enemies to hurt our country?

VORNDRAN: Sir, the FBI cyber program is based off of what’s codified in Title 18, or Title 18 Section 1030, a code, which talks about computer intrusions, right? Using nefarious intent network.

GAETZ: You talked about passwords here. I mean, Hunter Biden’s password on his laptop was HUNTER02. He drops it off at a repair store. I’m holding the receipt from Mac’s computer repair, where in December 2019, they turned over this laptop to the FBI. And what now you’re telling me right here is that as the assistant director of FBI cyber, you don’t know where this is after it was turned over to you three years ago?

VORNDRAN: Yes, sir. That’s an accurate statement.



  1. Could it be that Jerry Nadler may be on Biden’s shit list perhaps? So where does this committee go from here? Now that it’s admitted?

  2. Is it true that the FBI actually is accountable to congressional inquiry. I mean, the president doesn’t own the FBI. They have responsibilities and answer to congress. It isn’t a judge that has control , it is our elected leaders.
    I would have this guy’s butt in the grey bar hotel for dereliction of duty, lying to congress, and being in contempt of court.

    • As I understand it . The FBI and all other enforcement of federal law would fall to the executive branch . The purpose being to execute law made by the Congress .
      This is why the entire term Trump served in office was basically a coup . His own subordinates were undermining him at every turn . This is well documented publicly .
      There can be no justice for any of us , if even the president isn’t safe from this kind of behavior .

      • An elevated agents within department have a blue line brotherhood that protects one side, with a federal court system who created a rule that shields law enforcement with immunity from prosecution Federal Agents and Officers can commit crimes as long as they remember to say in a report, “I believe I was doing the right thing when protecting the public.” For instance take the case of the Cop who stole money from a dresser drawer at a time he and others were searching in a home of an accused. Sadly, the Cop never denied taking the money, his defense was, “I didn’t know I couldn’t take the money.” And because there is no clear training, rule or department policy that states “Cops cannot take money from the accused citizen’s home. A Judge ruled immunity would apply in this case. (that’s a true fact) Sorry, but it’s much bigger than President Trump not being safe those in power.

    • Even if they find the lap top, won’t jack S happen, so sop worrying about it! Cinton should of gone to jail years ago, and shes considering Presidential run! Give me a break! Our entirement is currupt from top to bottom, and now the S
      upreme Court!

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