Resign Now!!! – Senator Rand Paul Calls On Dr. Fauci To Resign Over Gain Of Function Research

Bad News For Fauci
More Bad News For Fauci

Dr. Fauci is most likely the most hated man in the United States right now. In a fierce and heated exchange on congress floor yet again, Senator Rand Paul called on the doctor to resign Immediately for his role in the infamous gain of function research. This is the 3rd time the top GOP Senator has had a clash with the Joe Biden’s appointed expert concerning the current Covid-19 crisis.

The senator blasted Dr. Fauci in the hearing held on Thursday, November 4th over gain of function research in Wuhan, China. Alleging that the doctor has learned nothing from this pandemic.

Paul (R-Ky.) Grilled the director of the national institute of allergy and infectious diseases, which is part of the national institute of health, on why he lied to the Congress and denied that the research was actually funded by the NIH prior to the Covid-19 pandemic.

“Gain-of-function could cause a pandemic even worse than this in the future”, the GOP Senator said. He went on to lash out at the doctor, saying this could even endanger civilization as we know it.

The senator who appeared to be on fire accused Dr Fauci and NIH of creating a virus not found in nature, and that Fauci misled the American people by refusing to admit to it.

Majority of Americans now believe Dr. Fauci had a hand in the Covid-19 pandemic and even some Democrats no longer believe the doctor.

Meanwhile, Companies with more than 100 employees will be mandated to require coronavirus vaccinations for their workers or do regular testing by Jan. 4 under a new federal rule that will be released Friday by the Biden administration, senior government officials said. The president noted that vaccination mandates are backed by broad public support, pushing back against critics who predicted that such requirements would lead to mass firings and worker shortages. “As we’ve seen with businesses — large and small — across all sectors of our economy, the overwhelming majority of Americans choose to get vaccinated,” Biden said in a statement.

But In coming New York City mayor, Eric Adams, who was just elected the next mayor of New York, says he plans to review the requirements now in place for municipal workers, which have been unpopular among some unions representing the city’s firefighters and police officials. And Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds (R) said on Thursday that she intends to take “immediate legal action” against President Biden’s new vaccine mandate for employers with more than 100 employees.

President Joe Biden’s new policy appears, then, to be dead on arrival.



  1. From my observation through the years, and this is just an opinion, Nancy is part of the globalist movement, “the supposed great reset.” It must be renamed, “The World’s Greatest Blunder.”

  2. We did not fund game of function research we did fund that lab I’m that lab to do research because a lot of these diseases come from China but we did not specifically fund specifically fund the CCP with gain of function research.

  3. Doctor not, but killer. He has be jailed immediately and all his earning should be taken in favour of people, because of his crimes against humanity etc. Bill Gates as well. Don’t forget this SonOfaB!tch as well.

  4. From what I get out of these hearings Fauci created this virus with a scientist in China using bats and animal virus to make the covid that has killed so many people. I also learned from these hearings that Fauci does not like Americans. So many lies but Fauci can’t escape e-mails from Fauci to China scientist to gain of function that America’s paid for the torture of beagles in Africa to Wuhan, China the invention of the covid all done with tax paying American’s

    • They also inserted a protein from HIV, and who knows that virus very well? Also Dr. Wilner exposed his lies on Aids in the early 90s in a press conf.( see Bitchute) and mysteriously died less than 4 weeks later by heart attack! The CIA has a “tool” that can kill by heart attack and you don’t need to be by the victim! ( again see bitchute for video from 70s of CIA telling this to Congress)

  5. This man is responsible for much death. He screwed up back in 1980! He blunderd the AIDS/HIV epidemic, he is a monster, he even went to gay clubs and bath houses to study! He is responsible for helping fund this engineering of COVID-19! It got loose from Wuhan Lab! CCP is just as responsible for millions of deaths! Lock him up! It’s time to pay the fiddler!!!


  7. Do not let WTFauci retire !!! Jail HIS acomplases as well. SHUT DOWN BIG PHARMA THAT SUPPORTED FAUCI,( taking big pharma money away from them WILL PAY the NATIONAL DEBT), THAT THEY HELP CAUSE ALONG WITH THE FAKE GOVERNMENT. WHAT they call a vaccine does not evan qualify as an expermental drug!!! PROVE ME WRONG #STOPTHEFEDS

  8. GAIN of Function. And YeS thanks to Faucci funding…. America most definitely did funnel money via his wife’s links to those labs.

  9. This is the American / Chinese virus, the work was started by the U.S. at Fort Dietrich, then moved to China with support funding from the NIH to be completed in Wuhan.

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