President Donald Trump Sues Hillary Clinton Over Russia Collusion Hoax

Hillary Clinton and other Democrats are being sued by former President Donald Trump.
By connecting his campaign to Russia, he claims they sought to rig the 2016 presidential election, Reuters said.

As the 45th president said in a complaint filed in federal court in Florida, the “Defendants intentionally collaborated to create a false narrative that their Republican opponent, Donald J. Trump, was conspiring with a hostile foreign nation.”

It’s just the latest in a string of bad news for Hillary Clinton about the 2016 presidential race.

By this week, “large volumes” of classified information and documents will be made public regarding Russiagate, a criminal investigation involving former British spy Christopher Steele, who was the main source for the infamous Steele dossier that attempted to undermine then-GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump’s candidacy and subsequent presidency.

According to special counsel John Durham, who revealed the information in a filing on Tuesday, he also asked a federal judge to extend a deadline for the production of classified discovery following the Classified Information Procedures Act, a statute outlining how classified documents must be protected in criminal cases.

Durham said he needs additional time because of the continuous involvement of agency workers in matters related to Russia’s ongoing conflict in Ukraine.

More than 60,000 papers have been unearthed by the authorities thus far.” The government has worked with the necessary declassification authorities to release the records in an unclassified manner,” Durham stated in the filing presented to the Eastern District of Virginia’s federal court.

Although recent events in Ukraine have added to delays in the development of classified findings. The FBI and other intelligence organizations have a lot of people working on and evaluating information about Ukraine, according to Durham.

As a result, “the government will continue its attempts to deliver materials in classified discovery on a rolling basis, and no later than the suggested timelines set forth below,” said Durham in his letter.

There is also a Washington Examiner op-ed that says:

Russian researcher Igor Danchenko is at the center of the investigation after being accused of lying to the FBI in 2017 about the material he gave to Christopher Steele for his now-discredited dossier during the 2016 election.

Although Durham voiced concerns about potential conflicts of interest, Danchenko, who has pleaded not guilty, signed a waiver in December consenting to be represented by the same legal firm that represents members of Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign.

Before, during, and after his time targeting Trump, Steele worked for Oleg Deripaska, a Russian tycoon who is close to Vladimir Putin. He was employed by an opposition research company, Fusion GPS, which was also working for the Kremlin-linked lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya of the now-infamous Trump Tower meeting, to put together his anti-Trump dossier. The Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee provided financial support for his work.

A Russian contact network was supposed to have supported Danchenko’s assertions of Trump-Russia connection during an FBI interview, and he had previously been probed as a possible national security concern because of his links with Russian intelligence.

When it comes to Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort, Durham is accused of making false claims against him using longstanding Clinton supporter Chuck Dolan as an source. Dolan has a history of working for Russian companies and the Russian government, including in 2016.

According to a Justice Dept. Inspector General’s report issued in December 2019, the Steele dossier had a “central and critical” role in the FBI’s decision to initiate a counterintelligence investigation against the Trump campaign in 2016.

The Washington Examiner reported that efforts to obtain wiretap orders against Carter Page, a former Trump campaign associate, were eventually successful, but only after “serious missteps and errors” that included concealing “potentially exculpatory information” from the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court.


  1. Hillary Clinton, needs to be held responsible for her crimes. All Americans know what she perpetrated. And we would be held responsible if we had!

  2. squeezing out bits and pcs of “intel” over years of investigation COULD BE an attempt to run out the statute of limitations OR a political ploy to hold off until Hilda-beast officially announces, ether way, true justice WILL NOT BE SERVED…. until we the people SERVE IT UP COLD… The SWAMP cannot be drained by DT alone. IF he gets in, we need to do A LOT MORE then they do in order for DT to get things back on track in DC as well in those states that are funded by THE SWAMP.

  3. The Clinton’s along with all the Bidens administration should be held accountable. For illegal money buying out our countryno border protection afaganistand, so much evil an stealing from the American people..

  4. Some people think that the process used to achieve their objectives will never be examined. They are so wrong. If it not done before it will be done after.

  5. You are letting Hilary Clinton get away with crime because she is a white woman, and the wife of an ex- President. But sooner or later there is going to have to be true justice. It is way beyond a joke, now.

  6. Everyone did everything for Obama and they will all go down first then all will sing like birds and BO and everyone else will be in the pit of fire.

  7. If exculpatory info was withheld from Fisa court, why aren’t asses being hauled in for deciding the court?

  8. If anyone should be charged they all must be!!! They are all GUILTY. OBAMA BIDEN. HILARY. NANCY. BILL C. BILL GATE. DOCTOR DEATH. ECT. ON & ON

  9. Real Americans red to form our own common law courts in our own counties and prosecute all these criminals ourselves. It’s in the constitution and we are required by the constitution to deliver these corrupt officials to justice and reclaim our country for and by the people not the elites

  10. On President Trump first day in the White House , James Comey tried to own President Trump with the phony dossier !

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