Oklahoma Guard Goes Rogue, Rejects COVID Vaccine Mandate

News statement from Gov. Kevin Stitt’s office, Army Brig. Gen. Thomas Mancino was named as the state’s next adjutant general on Wednesday. However, he has not yet been approved by the state Senate.

On November 2, Stitt officially asked that the Department of Defense (DoD) refrain from enforcing the rule against members of the state’s Army and Air National Guard. The letter, which was made public by his office on the state’s website, said that 10 percent of the state’s soldiers had refused to take the vaccination and that the demand was “irresponsible.”

“The Defense Department is aware of the Mancino memo and Stitt’s letter,” Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said in a statement. “The Defense Department will react to the governor accordingly,” Kirby said.

He didn’t go into detail.

However, Secretary Austin feels that a vaccine-trained army is a more ready force, as Kirby pointed out. “For this reason, he has mandated obligatory immunizations for the whole military, which includes our National Guard, which makes substantial contributions to national tasks both at home and abroad.”

Army Maj. Gen. Michael Thompson, the state’s previous top military, told local reporters on Thursday that he found out who would be taking over as governor via social media. According to the Oklahoman, he had originally planned to hand over leadership to Mancino.

Following Thompson’s resignation, Mancino published a policy letter proclaiming that the state would not impose the requirement on its soldiers as long as they were under state supervision. The decision seems to be a defiance of the Department of Defense’s directives to reprimand and eventually fire service members who refuse the inoculation.

“There will be no need for any Oklahoma Guardsman to get the COVID-19 Vaccine,” Mancino writes in the document, which also claims that Stitt is the unit’s “lawful Commander in Chief” while the force is not called into action by the federal government.

Although National Guard members serve under the command of their governors when they are not called upon by the Pentagon, federal priorities often take precedence over state uses of the Guard, as top officers frequently stress. This is due to the fact that the federal government provides the great bulk of funds, training, and equipment to the Guard.

It is now unclear if the injunction would affect the financing for the project.

Portion 401 of Title 32, the section of the United States Code that deals with the National Guard, has a provision that states that fail to comply with Title 32 standards would lose their federal funding for the Guard. It is not apparent, however, whether the vaccination obligation satisfies the legal requirements for exemption from the mandate.

“The only way Oklahoma would ‘forfeit’ any federal monies for failing to comply with Title 32 would be to defy the legitimate command of the dually elected civilian authority, i.e. the Governor of Oklahoma,” said Stitt’s senior spokeswoman, Charlie Hannema, in an email to Army Times.

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    • They always been subjected to forced vaccinations or at least they were back in the day. Ex Father-in-law is a Vietnam vet and he’s told stories of being lined up and getting shots in their arms with big injection guns not needles. Who knows what all they were exposed too and honestly the man’s not right. He was exposed to Agent Orange when he was there and was honorably discharged after he was hit with shrapnel from a grenade that blew up in his face. Man came home to find his then wife in bed with his best friend and he walked away from there leaving 2 kids behind. He ended up becoming a big time drug dealer and has fled from 2 major operations without doing time, has a history of being a swindling housing contractor and all in all a con man. He’s got Parkinson’s shakes from the agent Orange, smoked 2 packs a day for years, smokes pot like mad, dodged a few bullets and he was still doing good till he got the fucking jab and now he’s had a series of small strokes. Ain’t that a bitch!

      • Yes, we get run through a gauntlet of vaccinations in boot camp but these are all tested and found to be good. The Covid shots can’t even be called vaccines and that chance if side effects are quite possibly severe. Not for this guy.

  1. What happened to the SCOTUS dismissing the Covid 19 jab? And pharmaceuticals pulling themselves off Wall Street? One even said they weren’t giving them out anymore. This girl never got one and never will!

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  3. Actually, there are no “Covid shots”, only Covid vaccines. That’s what they are and that’s what they’re called: Covid vaccines. Educate yourself.

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