New Durham 130,000 page documents keeps Obama and other big names on their toes. Durham proving his words as he is not relenting in efforts to make sure all these corrupt big names are indicted.

Special Counsel John Durham investigation is expanding as he receives 130,000 pages of new material, with 492,000 pages more to come. In his update on the Sussmann prosecution, Durham said no less than three times that his team is conducting a thorough investigation covering more than just Sussmann.

Durham is getting these documents from the FBI internal affairs files. This could lead to conspiracy charges if Durham can show coordination in the effort to drive Trump from office, after having failed to rob him of the election using made-up “facts”.

For so long I have believed like many others that Durham was a dud, but now, I find myself second-guessing that belief as more and more court filings are piling up and taking in a larger swath of people who could be drug into the investigation as more documents are acquired by the Special Counsel. We know Joe Biden suggested that Gen Michael Flynn under the Espionage Act. He probably attended other meetings as well. What did he know or do?

According to Washington Times reports that:

“Three times in his 19-page submission Mr. Durham tells the judge that his team is conducting an ‘active, ongoing criminal investigation’ not limited to the defendant, former Hillary Clinton campaign legal adviser Michael A. Sussmann.”

According to recent court filings, Durham has gained access to a significant amount of FBI internal affairs files in his effort to uncover the Obama administration’s maneuvers to promote bogus allegations against Donald Trump during the 2016 presidential election. Team Obama’s disingenuous investigation of the anti-Trump allegations, called Crossfire Hurricane, relied on the discredited Christopher Steele dossier, which was paid for by party activists.

Durham was appointed as special counsel in December 2020 in order to protect the investigation, which began while he was a U.S. Attorney, from being quashed by the Biden administration.  Joe Biden promptly fired all Trump-appointed U.S. attorneys in his first weeks in office.

This is obviously not good news for Joe Biden, who has been implicated in the scandal. During his confirmation hearings, U.S. Attorney Merrick Garland refused to commit to protecting the Durham investigation.

Durham reportedly now has access to over 130,000 pages of new material, with 492,000 pages more expected. It is a lot harder for a president to fire a special counsel than a U.S. attorney. It will be interesting to see if Biden and Garland attempt to obstruct the investigation going forward.


  1. You suffer from Sincere Delusion. You don’t even know that you don’t even know. Have you dipshits found those 11,780 Georgia votes yet? BTW it’s dragged, not drug.

    • I second that Kelly. I pray Jesus will protect Special Council John Durham. And I sure he will, because Jesus always make the truth come out. And these corrupt Officials all need to get put into prison and kicked out of office!
      They have ruined our country.
      God Bless❤❤❤.

  2. I am glad that Special Council John Durham has gotten all the new information on Obama, Joe Biden, Hillary Rodman Clinton, and all the corrupt officials that are serving and are in on this evil 😈 scam. They all need to be put into Federal
    prison, regardless of what high rank officials that they severed. Hope J D gets them for : deformation, Treason, and being in a Communist affiliation with wreaking our country, and making deals with Communist counties!
    Thank you. JOHN DURHAM 😍

  3. I knew Obama was trouble
    Never put a person of color in charge.
    Cuz all they want is revenge for slavery BS
    Hope u dummycrats suffer

    • You’re really gonna attempt to use race to create division here? Please buddy everyone here sees you for the paid troll you are. Get a life and a real job .

    • Don’t be tripping on the race card again that’s what the demRats always do if that person feels that way get the fuck over it he said not you. This country is way to much politically correct it don’t need to be this way we was all doing a good life before then the liers and cheats get into the whit house look what we have now
      A dumbass administration & Biden the dumb fuck of worst kind.

  4. Yep. They were all dropped in illegal drop boxes by people who were paid to steal them from nursing homes. They all miraculously were Biden votes. Youngest voter was 94 years old who was blind and deaf. Democrats always cheat. Can you honestly believe that anyone with an IQ over 100 would vote for this dunce? He needed a lot of help.

  5. As a 72 year old Veteran my heart breaks to think these CURRUPT political punks would get away with these crimes…IT IS TREASON.!

    • If you follow up on what was done to General Flynn you can get a strong idea how far the Obama administration was willing to go. The CIA dropped the charges only to have the bama Appointed Judge continue the proceedings, after Flynn was appointed an attorney from Eric Holder who with held evidence after threatening to put Flynn son in Prison.

  6. WE have found that their was massive cheating in 2020. The communists though have the DNC so wrapped up along with the media that justice won’t be served till after 2024 but it will be served.

  7. I thank Mr. Duran for his commitment and resolve to get to the truth and respect his unwavering belief in the integrity of our government and what it is supposed to be. I hope that all involved are tried and convicted and if Treason is proven then those people need to be put to death. Just as on a battlefield for Treason. I’m not trying to be cruel but they have and are deceiving the American people for their own agenda and gain.No one is above the law.

  8. @kelvin Bernsten btw you’re wrong sorry. It would not be “dragged” . The writers usage was correct. I mean seriously? Next time you so pompously attempt to correct someone, you should be certain that your corrections are correct!!

  9. I pray that the truth and nothing but the truth comes out and the Dark is pushed in to the Light in Jesus’s name Amen so help us God

    • It’s better to be punished in this lifetime,than to get away with it & face God!!! Politicians are only worried about themselves. My family should be the richest family on planet. Instead my family just gets murdered,when they find out the truth.

  10. We all want the truth to come out. Problem is two fold,

    1. Yeah there will be damning evidence, but because of time lapsed, no indictments of significance will come of it.

    2. Even if it is so bad that there should be indictments, the medie, and the left will stopp any legal actions, other than oops, our bad, nothing to do about it.

    Look at Strock, still working, being paid our tax dollars, and he’ll get his full pension.

    Adam schiff stilø in power, no indictments, being paid our tax dollars.
    Joe Biden, on tv telling how the prosecutor, who was investigating his son, “son of a bitch” got fired.
    Hunter making millions and millions 10% for “the big guy”, still going free, joe biden, still the potus, making millions on his son.
    When and where, will there ever be justice…. IT WILL NOT HAPPEN.

  11. Justice will happen because this is the United States. In this case it will take a long time to catch up to this runaway train of corruption and sellout propagated by the left. Hate Donald trump? His hard stance was needed to meet the challenge the left has brought to our country as they consistently have made deals that were pro-globalist and that put working Americans out of jobs right in front of our eyes starting back in the bill Clinton days. Now Scream and cry about this comment, rant because it doesn’t fit your leftist constructs that you have been fed by the American media. Maybe you missed the memo we all received back in 2016 about how the American media is no longer a free enterprise that reports objectively? what no? you didn’t get that memo? Even though internal corruption happens on the left and the right both when they are in office it has markedly happened at a more serious level in recent years by the left. recently we have the illegal activity of Hillary Clinton that just came out, she spied on the trump campaign and on his office while he was an acting president, this is unheard of and granted the leftist political machine did it because they believed they could uncover the mother load of illegal activity with Russia due to trumps loose affiliation with manafort, but turns out it was only that, an affiliation, they never could find any dirt on trump because there was none. It will prove to be fatal mistake for their party. So since she couldn’t find anything Hillary went further and tried to make some of it up there is now evidence of this and then the left used the media to propagate all of it, that was the real election fraud, this plus Covid is what caused trump to not get re-elected, all in a days work among the corrupted leftists in the current political game. As for the trump claim of election fraud- no one is so dumb as to raise an allegation of vote fraud in a major presidential election unless there was some. and the left is so dumb they actually think the right is making all of it up – anything rather then acknowledge that it happened. These types of warring political climates are dangerous. keep in mind that trump emerged in response to the left and to sentiments in America that already existed do to the left’s unfair hijacking of the political system in the u.s. and their arbitrary passing of laws that half our country do not agree with. The radicalization of their agenda is a real thing. And the radicalized response on the right emerged to meet it. But this time the left may have gone too far. As for verification of election fraud the left media is pushing back hard on any info the right uncovers about the eye-witnessed fraud, and it still refuses to acknowledge that fraud happened. Instead of running objective articles considering the issue as would be fitting in a democratic society, the left only runs negative slant on any reporting they do regarding the issue. and it’s tearing the country apart.

    • My grandmother was a prophet,not an inventor & her character was attacked. Hedy Lamar. She was born Margaret Carnegie. Her family murdered,while she was at relatives. Her name changed to Helen Lauder. Then Woodrow Wilson brother Joseph was supposed to take her to Salt Lake. His wife died and she was adopted. Joseph used name Joseph Hamilton. She was adopted again in Paris Texas,Lamar County Texas. My dads dad. Only descendant of Robert Johnson of Johnson and Johnson. Her adopted sister was married to Jesse Curry. So I know who killed JFK. Texas politicians made up fake name to steal money. HL Hunt,Amon Carter,JP Getty. My dad learned the truth. Murdered in 1998. There is no justice in this country. Just mind control someone. Make him look like a bad person. Use order of Easter Star,DAR or Freemasons to steal. Or use churches. This world is filled to the rim with corruption. This is Satan’s playground

    • Liv 22 You are absolutely correct in all that you have said HOWEVER I will take it one step further. The deep state has highjacked our Government and MOST all of our institutions. Especially the 3 letter agencies. Our Judicial system is TOO compromised to get fair trials for the treason/seditionist SO If the Military thru the Law of war manual does not take control soon and execute their standing orders via the Law of war manual> Our Country will soon be lost to the Global deep state. I believe thru my research that SOME actions by the Military are occurring behind the scenes. I believe that Military tribunals are happening. You can see evidence of these by checking out Real raw news. The only news establishment the Military is talking to. And YES people will claim it’s fake news. You decide for yourself for there are “details” of Military personnel NAMES and positions inside the reports. The current regime in charge is systematically destroying our Country in order for these deep state globalist to come in and “save the day” with THEIR plans. And THAT is a NO recovering proposition.

  12. It’s been going on forever. I was raised knowing Jesse Curry. I know who killed JFK. He visited my mom,before going to Texas. My grandmother called Jesse Curry,Sarge Hill.

  13. Dont ne Upset Be happy tjat Worthless People Who Commited Treason Can Be Taken To Gitmo and Put down with a Firing Squad ..And Ya People Was under Obama’s Spell ..But I could Tell Who he was his First 6 months in Office …Obama was Placed by the Clinton /Bush CIA ..So dont get Mad ..There is Always Bridges

  14. If you are a democrat and have some color to you, yes you are a racist ! Every black democrat I have seen hates white people so ……………………..

    • That’s the medias doing. They’ve sewn division in our country since the Civil rights movement. Read Thomas Sowells books, the man is a national treasure! Hoping for peace in America! Caucasian born and raised Oakland Ca.

  15. All things kept secret are coming to light. That is a good thing. Let us pray that we have godly people working on all these issues that need to come to light. A lot of people who thought they could do and get away with it will find hat is not true. We need these things to come to light and be dealt with. They are important to the healing of our land. I pray that we will have a new generation that honors God and turns away from evil.


  17. No , all of these communist, Marxist ,socialists , treasonous traitors of our country, “all “ need to be tried in a court of law, but not by a controlled federal court ! A court of law were the prosecutor and jury are “all “ chosen by we the American people ! And the reason for my way of thinking is this. If any part of this investigation is ever turned over to all of the foxes guarding the henhouse the American people are screwed. Because this is what all of these Marxist AntiAmerican communist socialists criminally corrupt and totally worthless criminal politicians has always done ! Investigate themselves ! ! ! But not this time ! 360 million angry pissed off Americans demand the truth this time for a change ! It’s the American people who should have the power to pick judge and jury , and not a single one of our criminally corrupt politicians. And I’m talking about both sides here folks , both Demonrat and Republicans ! I knew back in 2008 , the day the great racist divider and chief Obama was sworn into office that it was going to be a nightmare for the American people and our country and man was I ever right ! Obama was the first president in U.S. history to weaponize every single one of our countries most powerful law enforcement agencies in the land to actively hunt down and go after political opponents ! And the very first person on Obama’s ,Hillary Clinton and the entire Demonrat’s communist parties hit list was Donald J. Trump ! And it almost worked to ! Just think about the many “Republicans, and “only Republicans” Obama , Hillary and the members of the Demonrat communist socialists party went after and did everything within their power to try and completely and utterly destroy ! Look at just how many truly great American Patriots they did get away with destroying and ruining their lives ! General Michael Flynn ! General John Kelly ! Just to name a few but there were many many other’s ! True American patriot’s who served our country they’re whole entire life. People who put their very lives on the line in the defense of our country ! Men of honor , courage and dignity ! Men who had their whole entire lives destroyed, which also effectively ruined everyone in their families and their lives as well over nothing but false accusations, made up stories and outright lie’s ! Obama, Hillary and the Demonrat’s along with every weaponized government agency throughout our government, and I’m referring to all of the people inside of these government agencies, not just their leaders , managers or directors. I’m talking from the very top to the very bottom of every individual that worked for the CIA , DOJ FBI and the State Department ! Everyone of them knew exactly what was going on and how they were instructed to help ruin and destroy any all and everyone at the direction of Obama , Hillary and those within the Demonrat party. These are the same people who were over in Ukraine selling out our country and our people to both the communists Chinese and Putin’s Russian government. No they don’t need to go to prison ! After they’re found guilty executed either by handing or shot dead by a firing squad infront of the American people for “all “ of they’re many act’s of treason against the United States Of America and the American people ! The vast majority of Americans knows good and well that these people are traitors to our country. And it’s so very hard for me to understand how just 435 totally criminally corrupt criminal politicians has the authority and the power to control 360 million Americans who wants to see all of the corruption and lawlessness removed from capital hill and the White House . I guess the American people just aren’t ready to take their country back .

  18. I truly hope you understand how MUCH EVERY PERSON LIKE YOU ARE APPRECIATED. I didn’t serve, I wanted to and because my mother begged me not I didn’t. I was resentful until recently she expressed how much had changed so quickly. Almost all. Men in my family had. Her uncle died on the ARIZONA and at 8 she took me and my brother to pearl to pay respect to the TRUE AMERICANS from a time when they were just that. God bless you sir and I thank you and your generation for giving us a GLIMPSE. I now look back at the blessing that was .shit even the 90’s. I could be acting like a fool, punk , but when SERVICEMAN OR WOMAN was present..I couldn’t misbehave. I absolutely couldn’t. And THAT SIR IS BEYOND WORDS , A POWER OF REALITY AND RESPECT, THAT YOU WILL POSSESS FOREVER. YOU ARE AMERICA, AND I AM PROUD OF YOU. IAM IN YOU AND YOUR FELLOW SERVICEMEN DEBT. YOU GAVE ME THE BEST. I WILL NEVER FORGET WHAT YOU DID FOR US. THANK YOU BRAVE SIR.

    1st time I’ve ever spoken about it. I’m ashamed of what these dog shit pussies have done. I’m absolutely floored. But I will love this land and the people who made it possible as long as I live.

  19. ROFLMAO! Even if they catch all of the people involved and they all go to jail, it will not stop Democrats from doing exactly the same thing during the next presidential election. You would be a fool to believe that it would.

    The simple truth is that Durham will not go after any of the major party players. In fact, I doubt it goes much beyond where it is today.

  20. I have always considered Hillary Clinton to be a woman of questionable beauty; however, I do believe that I would find her very good-looking in Prison Orange.

  21. There are way too many liars in this government the socialist democratic criminal organization party are liars cheats and thieves and now they just get up and lie and think the American people are going to believe them it’s time to hold these people accountable for lying to the American people there must be a drastic measure taken when these people get up and Just lie to the American people like ringing a bell these are traitors to our country it’s time to declare war on these socialist Democrats that have declared war on the American people on the American people there must be immediatePunishment for these liars that are employed by the American people they must be terminated immediately when they deliberately lie like they’re doing every day our law enforcement and our military have turned their backs on the American people and refuse to honor the oath that they took they too must be immediately discharged with no unemployment benefits no retirement benefits traitor to our country must be treated as treasonous traitors that they are it’s time to quit turning our heads as these criminals destroy our country it’s time to start raising HELL !!!! And make these people be dismissed immediately and remember no mercy for these traitors to our country absolutely no mercy

  22. Color of your skin doesn’t make the content of character anything better.Get a heart check…life is too short to be both foolish anď hatefilled.

    The demonic Democratic Party fake news like
    CNN BIG TECH and 50 intel-LIARS THESE
    Time for action get these CORRUPT CROOKED
    EARTH. Line up the rhinos and hang them too.

    OVER THE WORLD. Get rid of this bastard now.!!!

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