Hillary Clinton tied to Durham probe as 2016 document leak from a law firm Igor Danchenko used along side Hilary Clinton campaign members.

This investigation is complicated and many people have forgotten it’s still ongoing. But with Clinton now potentially tied to it, things could become much tenser.

Special Counsel John Durham told a judge that his investigation is now looking into the actions of people within the 2016 Hillary campaign. He seemed to be quite disturbed that the indicted Igor Danchenko was using the same law firm as members of the Hillary campaign.

The reason why is obvious.

Durham anticipates offering plea deals to people with information that implicates others and it is quite possible that both parties, Danchenko, and the Hillary campaign workers would have conflicting interests.

The Washington Examiner reported that:

“Durham told a federal court that he is scrutinizing members of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign as part of his criminal inquiry into the origins and conduct of the Trump-Russia investigation.”

The law firm claims that there is no conflict of interest because the campaign workers and Danchenko have different lawyers. That is nonsense because the lawyers will talk to each other to give them an edge and to make sure Hillary is not damaged in the process. There are rumors that Hillary plans to run in 2024 and the lawyers will do whatever it takes, including stabbing their clients in the back to protect her in my opinion.

The investigation was focused on Igor Danchenko and the five charges of lying that he has been charged with. But, now the investigation has moved to the Hillary campaign, quite possibly because some of them may have had connections to Danchenko.

Michael Sussmann has also been indicted for lying to the FBI about a connection between Trump and Russia’s Alpha Bank. It has been rumored that several of the lies in the Steele dossier came from the Hillary campaign.

From The Gateway Pundit

Durham listed several issues that could become relevant to Danchenko’s defense. He then explained how the Clinton campaign and Danchenko could have ties in all this and try to shift the blame on each other concerning the dossier.

“On each of these issues, the interests of the Clinton Campaign and the defendant might diverge … For example, the Clinton Campaign and the defendant each might have an incentive to shift blame and/or responsibility to the other party for any allegedly false information that was contained within the Company Reports and/or provided to the FBI,” Durham said, according to the Washington Examiner.


  1. Hillary needs to go to prison for hi crimes and others should go to prison as her co conspirators they helped her so they all should face treason charges and when convicted they should be hanged like any other person would have if they had done this crime agenst a sitting presdint we all want her to face charges for treason.

    • Exactly it should go straight to Biden and Obama along with Clapper and Brenan they should all face a traitors justice “the noose ” or firing squad

      • Finally the story is being exposed ..a small piece of the evil treasonistic plot…but our justice system…if it works at all….moves at the pace of a snail…it is all (the plot) exposed now as we who followed knew what was happening TO OUR events were unfolding….problem is also…how does a compassionate people HANG that many ELITES for TREASON…another first…but prayers God handles the justice and not the crooked coveruppers…Media and their owners and lots of politicians. GOD HELP US AS A CHRISTIAN COUNTRY…before we squander our blessing…proof is all over the place…up to the top too.

  2. It did occur under obamas time. Those outside hillars group, would still have to get obamas ok to spy. There is no doubt to him being involved. It is just like nixon.
    The proof is there. It just has to be uncovered. Hey, obutthole; you are going down.

  3. These people must be held accountable. This is destroying our country. And it is my belief that our country is falling. I don’t think it can be stoped. We have Russia/China/Iran/North Korea that would like to see this happen. Very powerful enemies. Then the most dangerous threat to the US is the lawless democrat party.

  4. Millions of dollars can be pumped into investigating Killarys dirty deeds but the rats in the swamp will always cover for her! This all needs to surface while the snake is still alive so she can be beheaded for the world to witness!

  5. Trump knew this all along. When then candidate Trump said his phones were being tapped, Obama laughed & called him crazy. This is a planned coup deep within the democratic party. This is treason & should be treated as such. And all the money wasted should be paid back by those guilty. Trump deserves justice. Heads need to roll.

  6. I hope the Judge will continue to see the false accuations of Special Council John Durham. He has proven that Hillary Rodman Clinton, who instantiated this whole plot against President Donald J. Trump.. Hillary Rodman Clinton, paid these individuals to do her dirty work. Because she wanted to be the first woman to be President of the United States of Amera!!! And it backed fired on her.
    She needs to be accepted for her actions!! As well as those who did her dirty work.
    The Clinton’s have done so much dirty work to profit and get what Grey want.
    Just like Biden, Karmala Harris, Nancy Polsi AOC Chuck Shumer, and Adam Shaffer, and the rest of these Democrats who have lied to the American People, and used there hard working MONEY 💰 to waste it on things that do not pertain for the America People.
    Please vote for Republicans this coming November 2022. 🙏 so we can get both the House and a😁.
    I hope Hillary Clinton and rest of these fraudulent people go to PRISON.


  7. I have to agree any one that has any education knows the meaning of TREASON and what the consequences are, I SAY hang that bitch and and 50 + others that were actually the ones that were ” COLLUDING ” to overthrow a sitting administration regardless of who was in office.

  8. I’m 100% with you Corinne. I’m, as a Namibian niw living in South Africa, keeping close tabs on what’s going on there. I pray always and non-stop that Jesus makes this satanic cabal fall ONCE AND FOR ALL! This covid genocide, lies and the opening of the Mexican border through title 42 is just beyond comprehension mate! So obvious they have the election in mind by doing that and as a double cover, they’ll try to YET AGAIN throw the elections of bith 2022 and 2024 with Soros controlled voting machines. Can’t that satan dna server rubbish just DIE already?!! We’d better paint America red in the mid terms. Usa is the hope of the world. You are in our prayers continually and we REALLY admire the guts and love you guys as patriots are showing. Keep fighting the good fight. Feel free to contact me on +27 65 524 6244. I started a group called “Global truths” about 2 years ago that 1 praise Jesus and 2 wakes people the hell up about lies like covid, poison in our foodstuffs, medicine, schoolbooks etc… Would love to have someone from the 🇺🇸 on board. For that matter anywhere.

    God bless mate and we stand with you. 💪🏻🙏🏻🌩️

  9. When ever you accept authority at the highest level corruption sets in especially in a money system based off greed and profit. The money masters pull the strings.and now we have chaos.

  10. If you were to put all the corrupt politicians in jail there wouldn’t be anyone left in Washington. Both parties like to point fingers and postulate but the fact is both sides are corrupt and don’t give a dam about us citizens. They keep us occupied with all the woke garbage and propaganda, and engineered viruses they themselves helped create to keep our attention off of what their really doing. The daily erosion of our rights, and the pilfering of our hard earned money .

  11. Don’t put them in prison, I don’t want to feed and give them medical, I want them DEAD!!!! INCLUDING HER LAWYER, SHOOT THEM FIRST THEN HANG THEM JUST TO MAKE SURE RUN THEM A 500 H.P. CHIPPER AT 65OO R.P.M ‘S THAT SHOULD DO IT.

  12. TRUTH eventually RISES-!!! LIARS Always GET CAUGHT. Maybe they will learn to stay away from donations from manipulative people who have their own personal agenda rather than the agenda for All American Citizens-!!! BUILD THAT WALL-!!! Immigrants here illegally meaning without applying and being approved prior to entry DO NOT BELONG HERE-!!! When we have POLITICIANS WHO DO NOT OBEY written LAWS they NEED TO RESIGN-!!!

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