Marjorie Taylor Greene LAUNCH Investigation into Pelosi and AOC

Nancy Pelosi has been deafeningly quiet when it comes to issues that are beneficial to Americans. At the very least, for her, many have begun to question whether it was because someone eventually threw a bucket of water on her and she melted away that she was able to disappear.

No such luck, like the wicked witch of the west, has returned to her pernicious ways and is directing her foolish rhetoric towards people who have the bravery to speak their minds.

According to Breitbart, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) said that Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene’s (R-GA) “verbal attack” on Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) might be a subject for the House Ethics Committee to consider.

We’re talking about our colleague’s verbal attack… oooh, we’re talking about… AOC. What she is doing is so far outside the scope of anything consistent with bringing honor to the House or refraining from bringing shame to the House… “I’m sure you’re wondering whether this is a subject for the Ethics Committee.” Pelosi stumbled over her words:

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As a result of her actions and comments against the people of our country, Pelosi is the personification of a “domestic terrorist.” She is also a government politician whose corruption and avarice make other deep state swampers appear like Disney cartoon figures.

Let’s be honest here: AOC is from another planet with her insane ideas and cry baby antics, but she is now forced to have Pelosi, the House Speaker, come to her defense because, well, honestly, AOC lacks the intellect to participate in a discussion of any significance.

Breitbart went on to say:

As reported by The Washington Post, Greene yelled at AOC on Wednesday, “You don’t care about the American people.” “Can you tell me why you support terrorists and Antifa?”

According to the Washington Post, “Greene also screamed that Ocasio-Cortez was failing to defend her ‘radical socialist’ convictions by hesitating to publicly debate the freshman from Georgia,” implying that the freshman had failed to explain her beliefs.

In a statement to reporters outside the House chamber, Greene described Pelosi as “a chicken who doesn’t want to discuss the Green New Deal.” “These members are cowards,” says the author. They must defend their laws in the eyes of the public. “That’s a sad state of affairs.”

The following is what Ocasio-Cortez spokesperson Lauren Hitt said about the issue in support of her colleague:

During an exchange with Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez, Representative Greene attempted to start an altercation with her, and when Rep. Ocasio-Cortez attempted to walk away, Congresswoman Greene started shouting and referring to Rep. Ocasio-Cortez as a terrorist sympathizer. We hope that the leadership and the Sergeant at Arms will take concrete efforts to ensure that Congress is a safe and civil environment for all Members and employees — particularly at a time when many offices are considering reopening. Several Members have already been compelled to transfer their offices as a result of Congresswoman Greene’s harassment.

She should be probed for her actions, Greene said on Twitter in response to Pelosi’s criticism of him.


  1. This article was of interest to me because it LEAD me to believe Pelosi and AOC were to be investigatved by Greene. It ends with “Several Members have already been compelled to transfer their offices as a result of Congresswoman Greene’s harassment.” Just the oposite.

  2. Aoc and pelousy are a detriment to our way of life and both do everything they can to beat american citizens to death. Both should be in Guantanamo prison wearing a muzzle and straight jacket.

  3. Keep up the fight Greene. We need you. Thank you, we will win the war against this Country and Pelosi will pay for her crimes against this Nation. AOC is an ignorant PLANT. She has the knowledge of a middle school student.

  4. MtG,…is ABSOLUTELY correct ,…pelosi an the squad need removed ,…there criminals an terrorist to AMERICA

  5. Oh yes when the demecrtes are called out it’s harassment but when the demecrtes follow someone into the bathroom clearly harrasing them that is called normal behavior by Biden. Yes they can do it but when it’s done to them it’s a different story. There hypocrites liers and cheaters

  6. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene would never be un-professional in any way in the Senate or the House. She is trying to investigate the Corrupt Speaker Nancy Pelosi, as well as get Rep. Ocasio-Cortez to debate Rep.Marjorie Taylor Greene on the House Floor to answer her Failure to do her job serving the American Taxpayers.. I support Rep. MTG

  7. We must get her out of office. She is a “traitor” to this country by agreeing with the other members of Congress about items she has no clue what they are.

    Also, she has an anti- American partner from the Middle East, a power we have been fighting against for somewhere around 30 years, since President Reagan was at the time. Now, if you remember the Iran (Yes, I said Iran) Contra conflict in the 1980’s, you will understand my point. Since I was born in 1972, and it happened in 1980, I was 8 years old. Mrs. Greene was attempting to make a point with her, whatever it was, and she just walked away like she didn’t exist. Mrs. Greene is correct with wanting to have a civil point addressed. She (Mrs. Cortez) ignored her like she was invisible. Also, Mrs. Pelosi instigated the entire thing by not coming to anyone’s defense. She just swept it under the rug. Ignored it. Put it off. We must get her out immediately.

  8. The “evil” old hag Pelosi should have been BOOTED from Congress years ago. She is 81 years old, can barely speak without slurring her words, its time to get these bunch of “swamp rats” that are all too old. We need young blood

  9. Pelosi Must be Sentenced to Death by Bullet to the Head, or Boiled in Oil, and To Consummate Her Death. A huge party celebration to follow, lasting at least 3 days.

    • Can no-one make war with this EVIL old Bastard ! I hope Pelosi dies a very very painful death in a prison cell with no make up ‘ no hair brush ‘ no false teeth ‘ and its live on television for all to enjoy ‘ as for aoc mmmm thrown off the top of the white house head first . You may think im wrong but i dont see them as human beings infact i believe they are DEMONIC POSSESSIONS and they should be disposed off for the love of GOD ALMIGHTY. word up x

  10. Today!!!! Impeach Pelosi and many others who are trying to overturn the Constitution of the US, and inflict their evil Marxist agenda to destroy our country and kill off a large part of us!

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