The Supreme Court has reportedly indicated that it would overrule President Biden’s vaccination requirements for large corporations, This is coming as a resolution at the end of an emergency session of the Supreme Court in which it appears as though a combination of trade organisations and red states were able to convince the conservative Justices of their arguments that vaccination mandates should be created by Congress or the States rather than a Federal Agency.

This is in reaction to the Biden’s Administration regulations seeking to make it compulsory for enterprises to demand vaccinations for their workers or to conduct regular tests for those not vaccinated as a condition for business transactions with the enterprises.

The occupational safety and health administration published the vaccination regulation in November 2021 requiring businesses with more than 100 employees every week. The regulation also mandated workers who have not been vaccinated, wear masks at all times and pay for the regular tests out of pocket. However, the employees working remotely from home were exempted from the requirements.

During its session, the liberal members of the Supreme Court claim that when it comes to public health choices during a pandemic, Judges have no business meddling. This implies that should the lawsuit filed by the plaintiffs prevail, the White House will be forced to dispose of its current pandemic mandate and restart. The Biden Administration has emphasised that the employer requirement is to its effort to promote vaccinations, the timing, however, is the problem currently, the public is becoming more dissatisfied with the administration’s response to the epidemic.

The Supreme Court session was presided over by Justice Sonia Sotomayor, who listened in on the debate from her Chambers rather than attending in person. She was also the most outspoken among the three liberal Justices and presented an ominous image of the epidemic. She added that the mild omicron version has shown it is as lethal as the previous Delta variant and has affected at least 100,000 children who are reported to be “in critical condition” with COVID, with some of them even on ventilators according to her estimates.

The plaintiffs are demanding that the OSHA’s regulations be dropped by the Supreme Court before it goes into effect on Monday, a request that has been described as” astonishing” by Justice Stephen Breyer. He was quoted as saying,” Can you please urge us to state that it is in the public interest in this scenario to suspend the vaccine mandate given that new would be inconceivable to me” The plaintiffs say that Congress has never before granted OSHA power to compel vaccinations at work. Rather it is the states who are the principal public health regulations under the Constitution. They insist that the only instance where the OSHA could enforce. The requirement was if Congress had unambiguously delegated the authority to compel vaccines to a specific Agency, which was not the case now.

Additionally, the plaintiff claims that by the Constitution, OSHA’s power are limited to occupational hazards that originate inside the workplace. This implies that OSHA’s enforcement authority does not extend to risks that are present at all times and everywhere, as in the case with COVID.

In reacting to this, Chief Justice John Roberts and Justice Amy Coney Barrett questioned proponents on whether or not OSHA should have narrowed its regulation more effectively. In conclusion, Roberts and Barrett advised the CDC to require immunisation in a poorly ventilated environment or workplaces where transmission is more widespread.

The centre for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has mandated health care employees of institutions that accept federal funds to be vaccinated. The military demands immunisation for All members of its Military troops while children immunisation is encouraged by other government agencies. According to Justice Neil Gorsuch, these give the impression that the federal government is creating broad, statewide vaccination regulations in a hurry.

The top Supreme Court Justice pointed out that” Congress has already had a year to decide on the issue of vaccination mandates. Because it failed to convince Congress to act, it seems that the federal government is implementing its policies agency by agency”

Biden’s most senior attorney, solicitor General Elizabeth Prelogar, when challenged by Barrett before the Supreme Court on when the government would stop utilising emergency powers to justify pandemic limitations, said that the epidemic was entering its third year. Prelogar was deceptive and evasive. Prelogar was quoted to have said, ” to argue that OSHA’s power should be restricted or curtailed now because of concerns about what could happen in the future would be a disservice”.

At the close of the preceding, Justice Samuel Alito suggested that the court may halt the regulation for a few days to make a timely ruling on the case.

Nevertheless, business organisations are asking the Supreme Court to take immediate action over the weekend. As a result, it is expected that a large portion of the population would abandon their positions rather than comply with the new rules.

According to Scott Keller, who represented industry groups at the hearing, OSHA’s “economy-wide requirement” would result in “Permanent worker displacement ” that would “ripple across our national economy”.

Recall that this is an economy that is already suffering from labour shortages and shaky supply chains, a situation that is forcing the administration to already consider granting an exception to Amtrak and the United States Postal Service from the mandatory vaccination regulations.

The vaccination regulation was published by the occupational safety and health administration in November, The White House would be forced to rethink its pandemic strategy from the ground up, the public is becoming more dissatisfied with its response to the epidemic.


  1. Like the truck drivers it’s time for the American people to put a stop today’s kings and queens this country the Supreme Court and this fraud of a president they have no authority to make someone take a shot or not take a shot this time we let these people know they were mad as hell and we’re not going to take it anymore too many liars cheats and thieves have infested our government our law enforcement and our military and this time we stand up and put a stop to it we are the American people this is our country it does not belong to a government it does not belong to a Supreme Court is the men and women of this country they have sweated bud to keep this country free and they want to be dictators are slowly taking our rights it must start it’s time to shut this country down and make these people leave or it’s going to be hell to pay it’s time we dish out the hell and let them eat the shit these are traitors to our country this time they are treated as such no mercy for these traitors to our country Supreme Court doesn’t make any difference traitors traitors must go

  2. So here it is, kids too are forced to take the vaccine, this fraud of a President should step down from this forcing others to take the vaccines 1,2, and the booster shot. It is a form of control over anybodies right to choose.

  3. The truth is none of it works. All it’s doing is causing more harm than any good. It’s just a money machine for the Drug companies that Dr. Fakie holds stock in, and the corrupt alleged representatives who work for them and with him. They are forcing us all into subservience and demanding compliance, and following the Nazi Parties Play book to the tee.
    Do Not Comply. I won’t! and I’ll never shut up about it.
    I would rather take my last dying breath being free, than give in to this Satanist insanity.
    All I can say now is: Get right with Jesus, be ready for all of it, and hunker down and fight! Never stop fighting, Never give up or give in. Stand your ground, as that is all you will have left.

  4. It is time! As Americans it’s our duty and right to hold our government accountable to the atrocity of forced vaccination! Let’s not forget about insider trading on both sides that makes them richer and richer as we the people become poor. The money machines, the stolen election, the family corruption, all of it just sickens me but I don’t know how to get it done. Supposedly we can remove a corrupt government but where are the instructions!!!!!

  5. President biden from the start was never qualified to be the president at all, thats way he had to steal the election. This is the worst thing to happen to the USA ever, and why biden will stumble into WW3.

  6. Get him kamala and pelosi out get Trump in with evidence of fraudulent voting..Trump won..Obiden will destroy the world he’s bought and paid for with China ..arrest Hunter lock Killary up

  7. This movie we are watching..,….It truely has a beautiful ending❤️ Dark👹to Light😇 🌍United We Stand🌍 Like Micheal Jackson’s Song🌍We Are The World 🌍❤️

  8. This is America! We should be free to choose certain things especially things that may hurt us long term like these vaccines. I’m a Healthcare worker and we are REQUIRED to work when sick with covid so as long as your nurses and doctors are made to work sick then this virus will end up killing more and more. These mandates must stop ✋️. We are smart enough to decide for ourselves and our families!

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