JOIN MASSIVE Nationwide Campaign To Take On Nancy Pelosi and Insider Trading By Congress

There is a massive ongoing Nationwide Campaign To Take down Nancy Pelosi for insider trading. Nancy Pelosi has made millions of dollars with privileged information she obtains by being a member of Congress. Nancy Pelosi and her husband reportedly made over $5 million from insider trading just before the lockdowns.

Nancy Pelosi knew exactly what was to come, she was made aware of the pending lockdowns and she used that information to exit major trades that made her a fortune.

Kevin Freeman, host of Economic War Room on BlazeTV, has launched a national campaign slamming Nancy Pelosi for protecting corrupt insider trading by members of Congress. More than 1,450,000 emails have already been sent to Congress!

In 60 seconds anyone in America can send an email to all 535 members of Congress and tell them to stop the DC greed!  The corrupt ruling class has gotten away with this for too long. It’s time to turn up the heat! TAKE ACTION HERE

Freeman describes the issue like this:

Nancy Pelosi has made a fortune worth more than $100 million – all while working on a government salary. HOW?! How are she and other politicians becoming multi-millionaires while supposedly working for “us” in Congress?

The corruption is deeply disturbing: Democrats and Republicans alike are pigging out on ‘Pelosi Perks’.

Politicians in Washington are giving themselves big salaries, big pensions, and big benefits. And – as if that wasn’t bad enough – they’re making MILLIONS on Wall Street with insider trading. In fact, Nancy Pelosi and her husband made more than $30 million just from trading tech stocks. They bought their shares – and then she started blocking efforts to rein in Big Tech. And no wonder: by protecting them, she’s hurting us while making a FORTUNE.

Our elected officials have lined their pockets at our expense for too long!

Economic War Room has just released its expose of this outrage, and we’ve launched a nationwide campaign so every American can take action to demand an end to Pelosi Perks.

But Nancy Pelosi is not alone in this Insider trading crimes being committed by members of Congress. It just gives us more reason to protest the participation of members of Congress in stock markets trading.

You can watch Freeman’s Economic War Room special on the issue featuring Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch, Jenny Beth Martin of Tea Party Patriots, and Justin Danhoff of the Free Enterprise Project here.


  1. The Clintons…..two middle class lawyers….arrived in politics as struggling lawyers with good prospects for earning a good income.
    They left worth a CONSERVATIVE 150,000,000 dollars….its time Americans got real….candidates stand for congress/senate as a means to enrich themselves….
    Washingstein REEKS OF CORRUPTION and both sides are at it.
    Thomas Jefferson recognised this could happen….so it is not a radical suggestion.

    • Not only is it not radical, I believe it’s the only way we can save our nation at this point. I don’t understand why the illegitimate resident in our WH is being allowed to destroy the US. Biden is guilty of treason yet Republicans haven’t impeached him. Congress is a money laundering criminal enterprise, yet they’re still making laws by which we, their victims, are supposed to abide. I can’t put into words how disgusting, and disturbing this is, that the USA is being run by traitors who are destroying her. And here we sit.

  2. Maybe y o u KNUCKLEHEADS should try proof-reading your copy.
    Proper spelling is not optional. Proper sentence context is not optional either.
    That is Basic Journalism which I learned in 9th Grade Yearbook Class. geez.

  3. I am service connected disabled Veteran.I am sick of the disruption that has made it way thew our government at every level.It time the people be heard and not balked at.

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