On Friday Rep. Rashida Tlaib, was arrested by airport security when she joined airline catering employees in a protest at Detroit Metro Airport, according to reports.

Photos posted on social media showed Tlaib, 43, sitting in the road outside the airport’s Delta terminal, along with eight other protesters – while a larger group of protesters demonstrated on the sidewalk nearby. Many held signs reading, “One Job Should Be Enough,” as the group called for better wages health coverage.

CORRECTION: Rep. @RashidaTlaib was not processed as an arrest with the other protesting workers, but did participate in solidarity in the civil disobedience, including joining the protesters in the van as officers took them for processing.

— Diana Hussein 🇱🇧 (@heyadiana) February 14, 2020

Initial reports said Tlaib was arrested in the matter, but a union official later said Tlaib was only briefly detained.

Tlaib, a first-term congresswoman from Detroit who has been in office since January 2019, later posted a Twitter message about the incident, saying other protesters had been arrested.

This is not the first Rashida Tlaib has been arrested by security personnel. Back in July, video surfaced on social media of a 2016 incident, in which Tlaib – prior to running for Congress – is dragged out of a Detroit event featuring then-presidential candidate Donald Trump.

My god! Tlaib back in 2016.

— Rita Panahi (@RitaPanahi) July 20, 2019

At the time Tlaib was a public interest attorney at the Sugar Law Center for Economic and Social Justice, after being term-limited out of the Michigan state legislature.


  1. Im beginning to see a pattern here !
    So, tell me Tlaib , who would your snuff film reveal ?
    I mean I think by now it’s obvious that you have some filthy [bleep] on one or several of your colleagues foposition r you to keep the position you shouldn’t be in to begin with .
    While Tlaib is definitely not the first nor the last to obtain what was once such a respected position in a unlawful , shady, underhanded, and deceitful manner……….. it’s no longer perceived as a respected position, it simply says that any scumbag can obtain said position!

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