FINALLY: Brave House Republican files petition to indict and remove Nancy Pelosi

Brave House GOP congressman Andy Biggs from Arizona has just filed a petition asking for the indictment and removal of Nancy Pelosi. Andy Biggs has been a hater of Nancy Pelosi since inception, Nancy Pelosi lies has taken America backwards and the whole country will be in big trouble.

Resign Now!

The time for Nancy Pelosi to resign is now she is no longer capable of leading this country. It’s way passed time for Nancy Pelosi to leave her office as Speaker of the House. Mr Biggs said. He also called upon our leaders in Congress to put forward the Motion to Vacate the Chair that has been prepared and merely needs to be brought to the floor. Mr Biggs continued.

Nor can we forget that she allowed an impeachment proceeding to go forward that was based solely on animus toward the president, and not on any allegation of the commission of a “high crime or misdemeanour.” The peg on which the left had hung their hat was “Russian collusion.” Mr Biggs continued.

Mr Biggs said that speaker of the House recent escapade in a San Francisco hair salon conveys the air of elitism that has been the hallmark of her tenure as speaker. He continued that there are many in the media who defend the Speaker as simply one group of powerful elites protecting one of their own: the powerful, elite Speaker of the United States House of Representatives who has placed her personal needs before the country which she serves.

We can not deny the fact that speaker Nancy Pelosi believed that she was above the law for which she so stridently advocates. She has issued many ridiculous mask edicts in the House of Representatives and used her Democratic Party majority to expand her power to control members who on a normal day will side-line her.
Here is where speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi really lost her balance. She blamed everybody but herself.

Having been caught in the salon, she had the sensitivity to realize how bad it looked for her to grant herself permission to violate the law, so she began trying to defend her conduct with meaningless and baseless lies.
The earlier speaker Nancy Pelosi leaves office the better for the entire country. Enough is enough.


  1. Shes such a hypocrite! So tired of her and her pettiness. Pray she gets whats coming to her, and it aint pretty. America hates her as much as she hates America!!!

  2. Why do Americans tolerate evil Dems so much? Why do Americans tolerate Congress spend Americans taxpayer’s to impeach trump again and again and use Americas money to fund a bioweapons manufacturing country and so coincidentally , in election year, it was released? Why did  Americans can so tolerate Dems are turning USA to a authoritarian socialist society that have proved to be a failure and completely  controlled by” elite–corrup regime” ? OMG! liars, thieves,ccp’s agent, pedophiles can successfully became FK president in USA. the lighthouse of the freedom world is gone! now the vaccine pass is enforced by CCP’s Democrats and deep state, and then everyone has to be with a chip. It could also be what Pelosi,Biden, Obama calling “for the people “! CCP, venezuela,Iran, N.korea, they are jsut now opening arms to welcoming you greatest USA to joining with! 😱 naive Americans, As a people  once lived in an  authoritarian communism socialist country, I appeal all you: if you Americans don’t stand up now, your democracy, your freedom,your dignity as a human being, all will over soon! 😱Americans used to pride mock the peoples thous lived in China,Korea,iran, that
    why they didn’t rise up against the autocratic regime? now I can tell you what you Americans are probably going to get: the autocratic regime  under the guise of democracy, they will ruin you and your family, if you dare to speak the truth. they will lose your job or jail or forced you into  a mental institution or kill you! You don’t have the right to vote anymore, even if there is, it’s only a fake ballot which controlled by them! there’s no place for you to tell the truth! Just Now USA’s Democrats  have cheated three powers which has successfully become one power😱are  you still dreaming, you’ll still have the freedom once you had? everything you had will be quickly taken away! The future  of all evil  will come sooner  than anyone imagine!!!   CCP,Soros’sGlobalization,
    they controlled Pelosi, Biden,mcConel,Obama,Bush,Clinton, they only consider how to rely on international organizations to transfer money to their accounts! They have always ignored the interests of USA’s!! Americans,If you don’t believe, look at HONGKONG, in less than a year, thousands  of  hongkong people were killed and others have been totally turned into slaves by CCP! WAKE up, USA, Democrats are rapidly turning you into slaves state,and you are still in yours fool’s asleep 😱😱

  3. They need to get rid of Pelosi immediately. She has been so disrespectful to President Trump. What a evil woman

  4. We The People need to stand together from now on. We need to ensure that the politicians work for We The People. All politicians need to be observed under a microscope, if they stray they need to be taken out of office emidiatly. Our elections need to have integrity.
    (God, America 1st, protect our: US Constitution, police, Military)

  5. Remove her out of office, she needs to be fired and not have any chances of living the rest of her nasty life with a retirement after all the corruption she has done to the American People.

  6. She’s needed taken out a long time ago. And take the rest of the corrupt with her. We need what’s going on to stop.

  7. It will be about time these treasonous criminals traitors to the country are held accountable for their criminal activity. Nobody is above the law especially our elected. The three branches of government are all about the law. 1 makes the laws one enforces the law and 1 to check and makes sure everyone is following the rules of law. The countries people are demanding justice. United We Stand. G-d bless America.

  8. Our career corrupt politicians got an nasty habit of telling the American people what to do.
    Someone should tell them that they work for us the American people. We will stand together and remove these criminals from office.

  9. She’s got the country divided she has grossly put up unreasonable bill’s and has been in politics for far to long intimidating people and trying to silence the people.


  11. Biden cannot be my President because no president of mine would allow Negative Nancy to get away with the crimes she’s committed while being paid by n working for the American people. That’s why she hates Trump the real President because he always called her out for what she is n was, A Criminal. Ty

  12. I agree get her out! But I’m afraid Republicans don’t have the balls to do it! They can’t get enough votes to change their underwear! Pray they can agree to get something done.

  13. Where is the petition because I will sign it right now she is everything that is wrong with the ‘life time politicians’ in America and need to be replaced with a politician that is closer to the American people, period!!

  14. How can anyone defend an undefendable position ?
    She’s a scoundrel that far exceeds the criminality of most anyone.
    A thorough investigation that becomes transparent and not just covered up or white washed by any corrupt 3 letter agency, would shock the world, especially her active attempts at the failed assassin of DJT.

  15. First thing off the bat if it’s true about Rudy Giuliani I said they keep their hands off we’re sick and tired of one-sided Democrats socialist Democrats trying to destroy everything they don’t like I say drop the hammer on anyone that lays a finger on the worlds greatest mayor and everyone that belongs to the socialist democratic party the liars cheats and thieves must face the horrible price of treason they have prepared a place to carry a sentence that they deserve what they have done to this country deserves no less than the maximum severe penalty this country can hand down no mercy for traders to our countryIt’s time to drop the hammer on all these criminals get everyone knows what they’ve been doing no mercy for traders to our country

  16. Who is writing this garbage? There are so so many grammatical errors, sentence fragments etc. Garbage stories. Gotta be a one person in a basement type of job lmao.

  17. Nancy Pelosi needs to be indicted, along with her husband, for insider trading. This arrogant, elitist old bat needs to be indicted for her part in blocking the National Guard from coming to the Whie House on January 6th. This “woman” needs to be in JAIL with the regular population, so they can help her find the meaning of life!

  18. Well let’s be REAL HERE……30+ years of occupying a seat is WAY TOO DAMN MUCH!!! Period!!!! I honestly think after watching her, especially throughout 2021, that like they have claimed regarding Biden, this lady is battling with a serious issue whether it be dementia, beginning of alzhiemers, SOMETHING is going on and resulting in SERIOUS delusions and complications of putting words together properly, staying on topic, heck even realizing where she is at times, and why exactly she is there seems to be a struggle. Listen in normal society, once someone reaches between 65 and 70, most companies tend to minimalize the time spent in office if they stubbornly insist on working still. Until eventually more or less forcing into retirement, yet this woman not only has been there over 30yrs, she is like 81yrs old…..WHY is she still even allowed, much less allowed in a leadership role. The case has been made numerous times by various people regarding the continuous insider trading etc that her and her husband have steadily participated in and amassed a substantial empire type fortune in process, upwards of 300mil not counting the multiple lavish millions of dollars worth of property in multiple locations. Enough is enough, can’t let a tick continue to suck on our country for every penny till everyone is broke, it’s time to start thinning the herd, culling the catch etc…

  19. Why are the people so blind ? What is it going to take for them to see through this transparent BS that has been going on and continues to get worse. Deport Sorros, kick Pelosi and the other corrupt liberals out of our Government.

  20. Pelosi needs to leave the office now, so does Biden and his Administration. They do nothing but damaging the Americans and its country. So shameful.

  21. Very well said and put! Only if these fool stop believing the lies out of these politicians mouth. Both party are power hunger! It the people like Trump that know both party are working together to destroy the country!

  22. I pray for all to WAKE THE HELL UP! Now that out of way. You need to do research from 1994 until today. Start putting the pieces to the puzzle together. Don’t be surprised what you find out! Because if you have never did any research or follow these politicians on both side of the party. You have failed to see the road they are taking this country down!

  23. What good is it going to do if she doesn’t do a lot of time in prison no one learns anything from this at all. She has over a 100 million coming out of office oh no whatever will she do it’s ridiculous to keep pretending like this is some sort of punishment.

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