BREAKING! Two more Democrats sentenced to life in prison.

Two Houston Democrats are facing charges of public corruption and might face prison time. That’s the kind of thing that Democrats claim never happens. Although the voter fraud allegations are from two separate instances, Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner and Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo are facing identical charges.

The charges in both cases relate to the granting of multi-million dollar contracts. Because of the political party of the criminals, these instances have received little national attention.

Hidalgo has come under fire for awarding a $11 million contract to Elevate Strategies, which is led by Felicity Pereyra, a strong Democratic insider. Pereyra also worked for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. Before being given the huge federal contract, Elevate Strategies was a one-woman show. Elevate Strategies beat out UT Health, one of the city’s largest hospitals, for the contract. All of the people who voted to give them the contract report to Hildago.

COVID-19 shots were part of the contract. So why would a one-woman performance be preferable to a hospital? The contract, according to Hildago’s lawyer, was legal. I intend to look into this as soon as I complete assisting OJ in apprehending the assassins of his wife and her friend.

Former Houston Housing and Community Development Director Tom McCasland accused Turner of corruption, which made national headlines. Turner has attempted to give a $15 million housing contract to the Harbor Venture Group, where his former law partner, Barry Barnes, is the managing partner. The mayor of Houston has the authority to award contracts without the involvement or consent of others. Turner claims he was unaware of Barnes’ ties to the firm.

For the contract to create senior housing in Houston, the mayor allegedly went against staff recommendations. His staff recommended awarding four contracts totaling $16.2 million for 350 housing units.


According to Fox News

The mayor abandoned the project three weeks following McCasland’s charges against Turner, claiming the agreement had become “too much of a distraction.”

Subpoenas for Turner “are likely to be forthcoming,” according to Carmen Roe, a defense lawyer and adjunct professor at the University of Houston School of Law, in a phone interview with Fox News.

When it comes to charges against Hidalgo, Roe also stated that “no one can possible foresee what a grand jury will decide,” and that “there’s a lot of information that we don’t know.”

“What we do know is that it is extremely suspicious, highly unusual, and might result in criminal charges,” Roe said.

“Both cases are first-degree felonies, with a value of more than $300,000,” she added, referring to Hidalgo and Turner. “Which means they might face a sentence ranging from a minimum of five years to life in jail.”

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