BREAKING: President Trump Defeats Radical Leftist DA’s Attempt To Lock Him & His Kids Up!

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Democrats in the House of Representatives, the New York State Attorney General’s Office, and the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office all made the false assertion that President Trump overpriced his properties to get higher loan amounts from financial institutions.

The Manhattan District Attorney’s office has terminated its inquiry now that the corrupt Cyrus Vance has been removed from office.

The inquiry has been terminated by the new District Attorney, Alvin Bragg, who believes there is no chance of a conviction since the evidence demonstrates that Trump UNDERVALUED his properties.

In addition, it has been shown that Trump has never been late or defaulted on a single payment. However, the House of Representatives and the corrupt New York State Attorney General will continue because of the propaganda value. In the same manner, they continue to maintain the now clearly disproved Russian Collusion Hoax, which has been extensively exposed.

In exchange for Joe Biden being examined just one-fourth as much as Donald Trump, how much would you be ready to pay? And how much would you be prepared to wager that Biden will come out on the right side of the investigation?

I’m in desperate need of a new vehicle.

According to FOX News:

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According to one of the top prosecutors who recently resigned from the office, Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg has decided not to pursue charges against former President Trump and has suspended the investigation “indefinitely.” However, the decision was not shared by all of the other top prosecutors.

Mark Pomerantz and Carey Dunne, who had been in charge of the investigation under former DA Cyrus Vance, offered their resignations last month after Bragg started to express reservations about bringing a case against President Donald Trump…

The “Statement of Financial Condition,” which discloses an entity’s assets, liabilities, and ability to raise and utilize cash, was particularly cited by a person familiar with the inquiry as a source for Fox News Digital.

In an interview with Fox News Digital, a source said that Trump did not embellish his financial statements, as prosecutors had expected, but rather underestimated his assets.

Fox News said that a source informed the network that Trump had never defaulted on payments to banks and that his statement of the financial situation had “caveats” that “refuted” assertions made by the district attorney’s office.

In a statement to Fox News, a person involved with the inquiry said that the case against Trump was political and was driven by the former president’s political opponents. The source also stated that Pomerantz “shouldn’t have been appointed to that position in the first place.”


  1. I find the left wing liberal party of democrats and all who voted Biden and all the congressmen in office are now seeing the huge disaster our Nation is now in. We had a strong Nation when our true President was our leader and Cheif
    Mr.President Donald Trump only had one mission and he told everyone what he stands for and that is the rights of the American people and to make this country great again. Trump did not lie to the American people he didn’t created scandle against his opposition he said truth he spoke truth and was not afraid of the politicle backlash . We want our God given Country back with honest congressment and An honest President
    Again . Shame falls on the social media giants I find you all to be tractors just as Biden Obama PeloSie Shummmer all the progressives and all that don’t give a rats as a out the rights to be a free Nation
    All is being shown to all those people who voted for the fool running our great Nation into posably www3 yeah that’s you all did . Next if we have a next time to vote I day pull your head out of your ass and make sure your voting for Trump who will make our Country great again . Fuck climate change it’s a lie . God takes care of climate change . And He also takes care of each and all of you.

    • Kearn,
      I agree one hundred 💯 that President Donald J. Trump is a honest person, and has alot of integrity!
      Yes, he did not lie to the American People! When he took the oath of Office, he promised the American People he would place the decent policies to the American People, , and he did just that!
      Funky climate change! As former Paster Irvine Baxter, said before he passed away with Covid-19. :” Climate Change is nothing but a Hoax to the European Union. All the foreign countries gives large amounts of money, and all the United States 🇺🇸 gets is an email that says that your in the Climate Change Circle 🔵 🔴 🙄 😑. ”
      That mony from the US goes somewhere else!
      Pastor Irvine used to work as a journalist in the UN knew how crooked it is!! He also, was Evanulast for the End of Age a ministry show on TBN.
      And he was a Republican, and for President Trump °

  2. The far left sure do try too dig up dirt on Donald J. Trump but fall flat with egg on there face to the ground. Hay far left nobody’s, Donald J Trump hit himself a hole in one and he is going to be our next President 47th so watch out.

  3. I am so happy for President Donald J. TRUMP!!
    It looks like KARMA IS COMING BACK ON THE LEFTIST, and their crooked evils 😈 ways.
    President Trump said he would be back, and he would be watching!!!!!
    Go Trump!!!


  5. I wonder how many people will be prosecuted for making false accusations about President Trump? If he would’ve lied like Biden has the media would’ve never covered it up. They would’ve run him in the ground til he was impeached and removed from office and then they’d still be talking about him. The media is still blaming him for things and he’s not even in office. The fake news and their lies. They never talked about the truth and the good things he did for our country.

  6. And here we have it,..
    President Trump the only true president …
    Hey Whoopi Goldberg
    I don’t have to suck nothing up you suck it up and the fact that the baffoon in office the comandor and thive is
    a fake ass moron,..

  7. All those media,s who coverd up should be responcable for all covid deaths as well as the murders from this planned war with UK 🇬🇧 an Biden!

  8. Every single comment here has countless grammar, punctuation and spelling errors. Is this what the American education system has been teaching. Now that they have stopped teaching any meaningful English and switched to full Wokie mode, teaching pornography and political correctness it will only get worse.

    • This is not a spelling exam you idiots need to get a life. You certainly won’t get much more than a full stop and a comer so go on wishing .

  9. This is exactly one of the main reasons why I say no mercy for these traitors to our country these politicians businessman have become so corrupt in this country that this country is on the verge of collapse which that is exactly what Clinton would have done if she would’ve been elected and I think the American people could seeShe is a liar a cheat and a thief her husband is a liar a cheat and a thief and everyone around these people are liars cheats and thieves Obama got on national TV and lied to the whole nation right to our face the American people are fed up with these lawless politicians the American people have forgotten that it is us that owns this country we hire these politicians to do the day-to-day business of this country to do what the American people want done not what these politicians want done they require too much power and there’s a American citizen and all American citizens it’s time to take this power away and give it back to the American people where it belongs that is exactly what our beloved President Donald John Trump was in the process of doing in this country and this one town Washington has become so corrupt where the honest judges you show me the honest people name in these towns and states run by Democrat criminals it’s easy to see they are liars cheats and thieves and it’s time we put a stop to this lawlessness these politicians law-enforcement and judges take an oath and when they do not honor that oath that is all we need to eject them from their job and the premises it’s time the American people come down hard on liars cheats and thieves no more multimillionaire politicians become millionaires when they leave office like Obama how many millions of dollars did he receive it’s time to put a stop to this lawlessness if the American people want to continue living in a prosperous free nation then we must not allow these lawless people to continue running the country no mercy for these traitors to our country and a traitor is someone that tells you one thing and does another that does not honor their own they are traitors so let’s get tough with these politicians and not allow someone just to say what you want to hear they must prove what they’re going to do how they’re going to do it and if they do not do it that way then there is adios Muchachos whatever you wanna call it but I gotta get the hell out don’t be fooled by these politicians that say one thing and do another no mercy for these traitors and the socialist democratic criminal organization party are corrupt to the bone and it does not matter if they win along with these other corrupt politicians then they’re corrupt as well if they do not stand up and say this is wrong and we won’t stand for it they’re corrupt what’s the Republican minority leaders name he’s a liar he will tell you one thing and do something else behind your back these type of people have to go God bless the United States of America God bless our beloved President Donald John Trump and our First Lady Melania God bless the Trump family and we must thank them for what they have gone through to show the American people how corrupt and who is corrupt they’re still fighting a battle because they would not be ruled by these criminal socialist lying pieces of dog excrement I like Adam shift look up liar in the dictionary his face will be thereAnd God bless our patriots and remember let’s vote these criminals out and remember they take an oath and if they do not honor that oath then their asses is out

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