NIAID Director Dr. Anthony Fauci set to resign over fears from charges and threats his critics (Republicans) have heaped over the past fews months eagerly waiting for the Midterms.

Dr. Fauci indicated this week that he is seriously contemplating stepping down from the job that he has held for over four decades as criticism of his management of the epidemic becomes more vocal.

The NIAID director has repeatedly misled and lied to the public about critical information to maintain arbitrary health restrictions, and has led the way in pushing the experimental mRNA vaccine on Americans despite their massive failure, negative efficacy, and severe, life-threatening side effects.

An interview revealed that the longtime Director of the NIAID and current Chief Medical Advisor for the Biden Administration, continued his usual fearmongering and ‘previewed’ a new “potential covid surge” in the United States.

During a break in the propaganda, Fauci, who was named NIAID Director in 1984, was questioned by the host whether he had any ideas about retiring or maybe changing to a less important position within the government.

“I’m going to do it because I have to do it at some point,” Fauci added. “I can’t see myself staying at this job indefinitely until my coworkers come across me slumped over my desk one day.” “That’s something I’d prefer not to do.”

Fauci’s response was markedly different from the one he provided only a few months earlier in this interview. When he took office in November, he said that he would remain in his position until Covid was “in the rearview mirror.” He also made the ridiculous assertion that he, himself, is the personification of science.

It’s no wonder that Fauci has changed his tune now that demands for him to be held responsible for his illegal management of the pandemic and his part in inventing the Covid virus are rising louder every day. To avoid the repercussions of his actions, this egomaniac wants to go on his terms.

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY), one of Fauci’s most vociferous opponents in recent months, has been spearheading the federal government’s effort to hold him responsible.

“dictator-in-chief” is how Sen. Paul, who has repeatedly pounded Fauci in congressional hearings and prompted him to falsely testify, described Fauci last week. He sponsored a bill that would have removed him from NIAID.

Unfortunately, the Democratic-controlled Congress did not have enough votes to enact the law, but Fauci remains far from safe.

Many prominent attorneys and physicians, has been a vocal opponent of the US public health response to Covid and is now coming out swinging against Fauci in an attempt to ultimately tie him down for his crimes.

But it’s not only the resignation they’re asking for. According to Fauci’s most qualified detractors, what he has done constitutes a crime against humanity and warrants harsh punishment, such as prison time and tribunals along the lines of the Nuremberg trials.

Perjury, when committed by oneself, should be punishable by prison time. So, if and when Fauci is ultimately forced to face the music, he will face a severe docket.


  1. It is a sad time when “Science” becomes the pretext in which all manor of self righteous acts, claims and statements are made .
    It becomes clear that it’s not scientific to make a path for others ,whether in belief or disbelief of a theory .It is often more a self justification based on one’s own personal beliefs and agendas .True Science is the study of evidence ,sometimes misleading ,sometimes conclusive , but always speculative ,reliant on further understanding.
    To put others at such risk for the justification of greater knowledge is putting knowledge ahead of life itself .

  2. Fauci is 82. The chances of seeing him in prison before he dies of old age are not very good. It’ll take years just to formally charge him because of the investigation that would be done would take years to complete. Then to get him through a trial, then appeals. Top that with the fact Democrat politicians are never charged, they accuse someone else doing it to throw up a smoke screen and get away with it 100% of the time.

  3. I feel indefinitely that Fauci should be held responsible for inventing these Covid-19 and Delta, and the Omarion viruses. Then he paid of these other virology scientists to out right lie to Congress and other people.
    This man has to be a pathological lair, as well as psychopath to have killed so many innocent American People that did not deserve to die!
    He dose not deserve a second chance, but instead face a court hearing and be sentence life in prison and rot to his death!!! And the same goes for Bill Gates, because he and Fauci have been working together to succeed to kill every one on this planet!
    I hope Fauci is found quity and sentence to life in prison by the Judge himself and Bill Gates!

    • Faucci, like MANY liberal (communist party) democrats need to be in prison. They created, then used the covid strain against humanity, then continue to use the fear of it to control ignorant people.

  4. I would also like to see those above Fauci, to be in control hanged as well, how long has he been allowed ,oh that’s right , since 89’s, way back when he was in charge of the aids) HIV ,using a deadly recovery , programme called AZT, that ,in fact ,murdered those that he put on ,ask the many gays , parents!

  5. I would like to see him go to jail I lost my beautiful sister from the crap they pushed on us. I would like to see him hung for murder because no one should never die from a vaccine and the vaxxed are dropping dead everywhere and they keep pushing it. W t f? Stop the f. Insane b.s. !


  7. Prison is too good for that piece of shit. Drawn and quartered. Maybe impale him and place him on highway going into D.C.

  8. I’m so sorry for your loss. God Bless you in all of your endeavors to bring this to light. Thank God for your Salvation everyday as I rejoice for all who are not falling for Fauci and Gate’s deception and for you, for not drinking their kool-aid!! Keep the faith!

  9. Was just in the hospital the last few days. My dr wants to leave medicine bc the insurance companies are telling the drs how to treat the patients leaving the drs open for law suits. Then he mentions ALL THE LIES ABOUT COVID. He said its all lies and does not exist. Its the flu. He wants to help the patients but are being blocked by the insurance companies. So he will be leaving in the very near future if things dont change.

  10. It amazes me with no evidence or any proof of anything democrats can get president trump Impeached But the republicans holding all kinds of evidence on the Biden family can’t get s*** done

  11. Dr. Fouci was caught years ago in Carolina. His associates turned him into the feds. But Obama allowed Bill gates to give China 2 billion dollars for finishing up the coped 19. All three need to be accountable. Bank accounts siezed. An brought to justice. Aboma help fund ,15 biolabs in Ukraine. No wonder putten stopped him. An he stopped allowing the Americans to adopt Russia orphans.They planned this long ago. This provides enough evidence of the world orders hand in global depopulation agenda. This means the evidence against, NATO is criminal Also. As the president of the Ukraine was replaced with another, war mongrel.So clous Swab, is involved and, he needs to have his bank accounts siezed. An brought to justice.. Circumstancial evidence. There is also evidence of child molestation. Against all of them. What about that.

  12. He , Bill Gates any many others were charged with Crimes Against Humanity along with the Creator of THE GREAT RESET , Google it.

  13. Can we string him up alive, get thousands of the young kids he wants vaccinated and tell them he’s a piniata full of candy?

  14. All Republicans do is complain and continue to be spineless and complicit in their non action. ALL OF THESE SCOUNDRELS NEED TO GO. Time to start over with folks who are AMERICAN and not bought and paid for suits.

  15. Anyone who’s read Robert F. Kennedy’s book, The Real Anthony Fauci knows this monster & the pos Gates should have been on trial for mass murder years ago.

  16. He should be on gallows. Crimes against humanity & collaborating with an enemy of USA citizens is treason.
    What’s the law say the verdict is for treason?

  17. America used to be one of the healthiest nations, then Dr Fauci took over and we are number 70. Let that sink in. He should be jailed just for what he did to those poor Beagle puppies. Hung for what he has done to humanity.

  18. Fauci is a criminal, he lied to the American People about everything and being linked to creating the Covid-19 Virus is the craziest thing. It’s like he was trying to kill us and sterilize our children. You can’t make this stuff up

  19. Fauci a.nd all evolved need to be physically removed from office swiftly tried and hung. Briben all his administration too. No

  20. I said that from the very beginning. He moreorless committed Treason against our country! I smelled a rat then, and it just kept growing. It was fishy and I didn’t care WHO was trying to scare me & throw fear into America’s soul, (mine b’cuz he had the power to do just that to 90% of the populous! THAT WAS INSANE!).

    I refused to take ANY bloody shot that killed more people than it saved. I haven’t ever seen that type of hysteria before that could besiege this country & get the population to go into food hoarding, toilet paper buying that was stupid. (how many different paper products could you use instead of toilet paper? TONS of them!) I don’t take FLU shots either but, I’d take that b4 anything put out by a narcissistic Insane Professor! And THAT is what really bugged me, was the people he pulled in on the deal! Never have I seen the USA go into lock down, then leave our wall exposed to the S. of us! I never trusted him or the Computer maker, Scientist involved in population decreases AGAIN!! And these two men & China held the USA in the palm of their hands.

    Throw him away! He could be found liable for mass murder – and these people all came in and begged for the shots! They never woke up to the dangers at hand. They TRUSTED a man who thought he was a genius & a powerful one! Thanks to our Southern Representative! I loved watching him have a go @ Faucie – it had to be done by someone who was willing to take it all the way! I think TRUMP would have, but he essentially caused a fall of Trump, as well. (Trump said so, as well.)

  21. Look at the beak on him. He’s obviously a member of the synagogue of satan that Jesus warns us about. In John 8:44 Jesus teaches us that jews are the children of the devil.

  22. the flu shots are now being made with insect cells (check out FluBlok) and graphene oxide which illuminates under UV black light.

  23. Friendly reminder to all who haven’t figured out Trumpstein’s true colors, he’s the self proclaimed “father of the vaccines”, and to this day he still promotes them as safe and effective. When will people wake up and accept the fact that Trump is a con?

  24. I read every single one of these comments! I love seeing my fellow Americans come together like this! Joementia Talibiden wanted to untie Americans….well He has…..against him & the rest of his treasonous filth! They have awakened the sleeping giant & it is pissed….rightly so too! Honestly though, I believe it’s a little too late. I believe America is going to fall. America has been being eaten away from the inside starting with the 2 Bush presidents! When the pursuit of immense wealth causes you to not only turn your back on your country but viscously & secretively undermine it as these traitors have been doing there comes a point at which there is no return, & we have gone beyond that point! Every major psychic in the world has been having visions of seeing America just one big smoldering hole after another from sea to shining sea…..what’s left after a nuclear war! God help us all!

  25. Unfortunately there are many socialist democratic criminal organization members and Republican rhinos that are up to their eyeballs and lying cheating and stealing from the American people these are evil people and they must be rounded up and disposed of Fauci lied repeatedly about this virus and what to do about it he’s a traitor to this country and everyone involved must pay the Maximum penalty for treason and remember no mercy for these traitors to our country and their punishment must be public hang them high

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