Bill Gates, Fauci and Big Pharma Charged With Genocide In Court Filing!

On December 6, The International Criminal Court received an incredible 46-page legal filing, an intrepid attorney and seven applicants accused Anthony Fauci, Peter Daszak, Williams Gates ll and twelve others of numerous violations of the Nuremberg code. It involved various crimes against society and war as defined by the Rome Statutes, Article 6,7,8, 15,21 and 53

Apart from the 4 kingpins, 12 others were mentioned, including the CEOs of the leading vaccine corporation and the health leaders held responsible for the United Kingdom.

  • Albert Bourla, CEO of Pfizer
  • Stephane Bancel, CEO of Moderna
  • Pascal Soriot, CEO of Astra Zeneca
  • Alex Gorsky, CEO of Johnson and Johnson
  • Tedros Adhanhom Ghebreyesus, Director-General of the WHO
  • Boris Johnson, UK Prime Minister
  • Christopher Whitty, UK Chief Medical Adviser
  • Matthew Hancock, former UK Secretary of State for Health and Social Care
  • Sajid Javid, current UK Secretary of State for Health and Social Care
  • June Raine, UK Chief Executive of Medicines and Healthcare products
  • Dr Rajiv Shah, President of the Rockefeller Foundation
  • Klaus Schwab, President of the World Economic Forum.

An unkind intelligent, perhaps fiendish German Klaus Schwab with double doctorate degrees in Economics and Engineering, is the founder of the World Economic Forum, a club for the wealthiest percentile of the world’s corporate and political elite. He is a power broker who has groomed many presidents, prime ministers, and tech CEOs who now admire him with unswerving loyalty.

Schwab, a technocrat and an economist who has befriended many nations, most considerably China’s Xi Jinping, delivered a key speech at Davos. He praised his vision of a New World Order. On January 25, 2021, Klaus Schwab vowed his support for Xi Jinping with these words, “Mr President (Xi Jinping) I believe this is the best time to reset our policies and to work, hand in hand for a relaxed and wealthy world. We all welcome now, his excellency, Xi Jinping, President of the People’s Republic of China.”

Schwab is considered by many as the mastermind behind the current movement towards Cryptocurrency, Universal identification, and a One-world (Facist) government to be run jointly, in a Totalitarian fashion with China.

In the aftermath of the Nazi atrocities committed during World War II, the war crime trials were held in Nuremberg, Germany. In regards to these, a set of theories evolved which ultimately led to the development of the Nuremberg Code.

These doctrines practically meant that no one, including the head of state, is above the law, as far as the law of their home nation would allow, their action would not relieve the person from justice under international law.

specifically, the medical experiments conducted by the Nazi doctors led to strict restrictions and ethical tenets regarding future human scientific trials, including the doctrine of necessary informed consent and freedom from coercion or threat in submitting to experimental drugs.

whenever a medical prescription is approved we are notified of the potential risks on a package insert and usually discuss with the Pharmacist.

The vaccines should be no different, yet they are. A person about to receive the jab is rarely told that there are risks of blood clots, bleeding, cerebral thrombosis, myocarditis, and death, yet those risks exist.

A key principle of the Nuremberg Code requires that a scientist must be prepared to terminate the experiment at any stage, if he has probable cause to believe, in the exercise of the good faith, superior skill, and careful judgment required of him that a continuation of the experiment is likely to result in injury, disability, or death to the experimental subject.

Let’s be reminded that Nazi physicians conducted experiments on human beings in concentration camps without informed consent, leading to horrific suffering and death.

As a direct result of the Nuremberg World War II experience, the United Nations asked the International Law Commission to develop the Nuremberg Principles, the key standards to avoid the Nazi doctors’ atrocities. Unfortunately, as Hannah Rose pointed out, many of these ten principles of the Nuremberg Code were systematically violated by the United Kingdom and many other countries during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Covid-19 ‘vaccines’ do not meet the requirement to be categorized as vaccines and are in fact gene therapy (Appendix 8)…Dr. Mike Yeadon, a joint applicant on this request, asserts that claims calling the Covid-19 injections a ‘vaccine’ is public manipulation and misrepresentation of clinical treatment.

“It’s not a vaccination. It’s not prohibiting infection. It’s not a prohibiting transmission device. It’s a means by which your body is conscripted to make the toxin that then allegedly your body somehow gets used to dealing with it, but unlike a vaccine, which is to trigger the immune response, this is to trigger the creation of the toxin.’

It was mentioned by Dr Yeadon, in an interview, that our authorities have grossly exaggerated the entire threat of COVID-19. He notes that COVID-19 represents a slightly greater risk than influenza if you are older than age 70 but much lower risk than the seasonal flu if you are younger.

Provided this virus depicts at worst a slightly bigger risk to the aged and ill than does influenza, and slighter risk than for almost everyone else who’s youthful and fit, it was NEVER NECESSARY for us to have done anything.

There was no need to do anything, lockdowns, masks, mass testing, vaccines – there are multiple therapeutic drugs that are at least as effective as vaccines are…an off-patent drug called Ivermectin, one of the most widely used drugs in the world, is also able to reduce symptoms at any stage of the disease including lethality by about 90%.

So these vaccines are not needed nor are any of the measures that have been introduced at all,” Yeadon concluded.

Yeadon goes on to explain that people need not worry about variants. He explains that our immune system is easily able to deal with ALL mutations of SARS-CoV-2 and explains that 18 years after the first SARS, those people are still protected by their immunity – and this immunity even extends to immunity against SARS-CoV-2, a virus 80% similar but 20% different than the original SARS.

Yeadon’s major point is that if survivors of SARS some 18 years later have immunity against the new virus, which is 20% different, why would we believe that a current viral mutant only 0.3% different would be a threat?

“So when your government scientists say that a variant that’s 0.3% different from SARS could masquerade as a new virus and be a threat to your health, you should know, and I’m telling you, THEY ARE LYING. If they’re lying and they are, why is the pharmaceutical industry making top-up vaccines? They are making them,” Yeadon said.

Yeadon follows this up with his conclusion, “This system (mandatory vaccine passports) is being put in place using lies, and it’s being put in place for some purpose, and I believe that purpose is complete totalitarian control, and I think the purpose of that is going to be mass depopulation.”

Fuellmich performs an excellent job in this consultation of exposing the actions of Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum, WEF, also known as Davos. The WEF has as its goal the establishment of a New World Order, with the globe to be run by self-selected technocrats like Bill Gates, himself, and other members of Davos.

Schwab 1971 founded what was to become the WEF in 1987. It has 1,000 members. In general, qualification requires a business to have more than 5 billion dollars per year in revenue. The theme of WEF and Klaus Schwab has recently been “The Great Reset”. Which essentially means a new world order.

Schwab himself sums up the 2017 Davos Meeting with the following statement, “What a wonderful opportunity to conclude our week here with such concrete proposals and ideas of how we can create a New World Order.”

The WEF sees times of great upheaval or disasters as ideal chances to implement this reset, such as during the financial crisis of 2008, and now the COVID-19 pandemic, which Dr Reiner Fuellmich feels created an excellent opportunity for the WEF to execute its plan. Fuellmich, a world-renowned trial attorney, refers to Schwab and his henchmen collectively as “Mr Global.”

Fuellmich and Oehler both describe a series of puppets that the WEF has trained to help carry out these missions under the WEF “Young Global Leader” program, which started in 1993. Such people have gone on to become Presidents, Prime Ministers, and CEOs. These include some of the key players in this pandemic and vaccination effort:

  • Microsoft founder Bill Gates (1993)
  • California Governor Gavin Newsom (selected in 2005)
  • Pete Buttigieg (selected in 2019, candidate for US President in 2020, US secretary of transportation since 2021)
  • Stéphane Bancel (Moderna CEO; selected in 2009)
  • Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg (2009)
  • Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg (2007)
  • Google co-founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page (2002/2005)
  • Covid Twitter personality Eric Feigl-Ding (a ‘WEF Global Shaper‘ since 2013)
  • New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern (since 2017, selected in 2014)
  • Australian Health Minister Greg Hunt (selected in 2003; former WEF strategy director)
  • Canadian Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland (selected in 2001; former managing director of Reuters)
  • Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is a WEF participant but is not a confirmed Young Global Leader
  • German Chancellor Angela Merkel (selected in 1993, 12 years before becoming Chancellor)
  • Current German Health Minister Jens Spahn and former Health Ministers Philipp Roesler and Daniel Bahr
  • EU Commission Presidents Jose Manuel Barroso (2004-2014, selected in 1993) and Jean-Claude Juncker (2014-2019, selected in 1995)
  • French President Emanuel Macron (since 2017, selected in 2016),
  • Former French President Nicolas Sarkozy (2007-2012, selected in 1993),
  • Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz
  • Former Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi (2014-2016, selected in 2012),
  • Former Spanish Prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar (1996-2004, selected in 1993)
  • Dr Rajiv Shah, President of the Rockefeller Foundation

As we glimpse the harsh authoritarian and mandatory lockdowns of Australia, Austria, and Canada, probably it begins to make better sense when we factor in the names of those in the WEF Young Global Leadership program.

The “Vaccination” treatment have caused the death of many as well as injury and severe damage (Including disablement and paralysis) after the vaccine was administered.

This is a genetic medical experiment on human beings performed without informed consent under a severe and blatant offence of the Nuremberg code. There are obligations for alternative treatments to be discussed, including the risk and benefits of such alternatives. Yet alternative treatments have been proven to be safe and effective” with up to a 100% success rate”.

As usual, Pierre Kory is accurate. Eventually, today’s youngsters will become senior citizens. They will remind their society of today’s Nuremberg II trials, and how they helped stop the largest con job ever executed in the world. It is time to end the lockdowns, the vaccination mandates, the censorship, and the hype

News agencies will resume documenting real news and discontinue fear-mongering. Again, reporters will return to what they do satisfactorily – reasonable investigative reporting. And the International Criminal Court will most assuredly continue what it does best – bringing cold-blooded mass murderers to Justice.

At this point, we are dealing with megalomaniacs and sociopaths, those who lack a conscience. Key Features include that of compassion and spirituality, as this has indeed become an epic struggle between rights versus wrong, this is all about humanity versus inhumanity.


  1. Very interesting read, indeed, I do hope those that are guilty of pedalling the vaccines and not reporting the truth are held accountable, so much damage has been done worldwide due to this pandemic, I personally have been sceptical since the first lockdowns of 2020.


  3. Now not to toot me own horn but people like myself, Alex Jones and otbers have known this for a while (him since i was little and me for abot 3-4 years). If this is legitimate post, I will state on record that it gave me uncotrollable movements and noises I’m not familiar with, like those of an average gameday jockie. All of the hopeless hollow threats on the online space, knowing they will never be got and pay retributions. This could be way more amazing than even halfway ‘in the know’ of these people, can imagine.
    I’ve got hundreds of semi-to-greatly relative documents from their own citations (allegedly as it’s digital so…) that will make even more sense of worldly note in this situation that almost proves my theory.
    Truly awesome, if they do get thrown in Swissy or wherever world prison is, as crazy i may be, life will become “right” and we will fill it fairly soon after. When each individual has their own agencies. Lovely!!

    • I new that snake Bill Gates was a Sponcer for covid this man needs to be eliminated asap he is a threat to the world and his money dont give him the right to murder people lets get the ball rolling and start getting rid of this criminals before they come out with another plot to murder more people. God is always more powerful then satan and all this evil elites work for satan and need to be eliminated because satan only brings pain and suffering to the world enough is enough millions of innocent people died that should be alive while this sick individuals watched it from the comfort of there own home thinking they could play god now its time for justice for them and there crimes against humanity they must pay the price for every single person that they murdered in this world.

  4. Yes, I agree with you 100% I am not getting another shot….I am done with this crap. Got 1 j&j and then a j& j booster, but have since seen through this and decided enough is just enough…..

      • While I agree that it is insane, we need to pat people on the back for waking up. Our pharmaceutical agency is the breast that the world’s been pointed to feed upon. We are needing to help wean them off that addiction to falsehoods. Be there for them to transition over to truths ✌😎👍

        • Yes prepare for more evil because the Anti Christ hasn’t shown himself yet but soon he will and that will be much worse than what we recently experienced and if you look at China 🇨🇳, that is where we are headed unless they are taken out of commission because this entire world will be communism if it isn’t stopped in its tracks but in the Holy Bible, Book of Revelation and several other books it explains what will happen to us and this kingdom of HaSatan and his Fallen Angels and what they have been orchestrating for thousands of years to destroy us humans and people just roll along with his plan and bend over and are completely oblivious and brainwashed by these demon possessed humans that are doing HaSatan’s bidding and getting away with it. Wake Up and Repent now or Don’t and get your 30 pieces of silver coins.

  5. COVID is nothing to worry about?!? Almost one million Americans have already died from it. If it weren’t for the vaccines, many more would be dead. Why can’t you people see the absurdity of pretending this is no big deal?

    • If you had ever paid attention to what was actually said anywhere other than mainstream media Mike, you would be aware that the CDC itself said that ONLY 6% of the people claimed to die from Covid, died from the virus AND ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ELSE. Which means that a whopping 94 percent of those nearly million deaths you are fixated on, DIED WITH COVID, NOT OF IT! That’s an awful lot of people with an average of 2 point something CO MORBIDITIES that you apparently have never heard of before. The average age of death here in Australia was 85, and I believe the US was around the same mark. Everything was magnified and exaggerated to terrify and control people like you, and it clearly did an exemplary job. I’d recommend you go to the CDC and have a look for yourself, but I imagine pigs will fly first.

      • 💯 Facts!! People, go to the website and check it out. The truth isn’t hiding. It’s just not being told by mainstream media. There is another side to the agenda that isn’t talked about. It’s up to the person who is open minded to want to see the other side. You have to want to know. Or just live with what they put in your head.

      • Mike, you must stop believing the news. There is a trial Nuremberg trial going on which started December 6, crimes against humanity. . Yes theres a man made bioweapon released to scare the world into complying with the great reset, one world order. I pray if you did take the shot full of poison, that you will not get a major sickness from it. It is proven to lower your amune system, that’s why more vaccinated people have covid them unvaxxed. The experimental Gene therapy is causing the variants. It’s not a vaccine, its and experiment . Please look into it. Go on
        That’s a good place to start. God bless you. I hope you wake up before it’s too late

    • Yeah Mike can’t you see the absurdity of pretending this is no big deal? Justin Trudeau enforcing draconian measures on the people of Canada? No big deal! Over what? Forcing them to carry a pass that has nothing to do with protecting their health or anyone else’s! It’s all about population control. But you still believe the injection saves lives? You obviously wear a mask when driving alone in your car, out in nature and probably in the water from the way you talk. Depopulation is the strategised goal of the Great Reset and you still think masks and injections save human lives. You poor lost soul.

      • It’s Unbelievable to me that Mike Truly Believes he’s in the right! Yet even after Vaccine Manufacturers responded to questions regarding whether or not their products Stop both Contracting and Spreading CV19 or not, they admitted that their products DID NOT STOP an individual from Catching and or Spreading the virus.
        Now, Mike after what I just explained above, I have to ask you to Please Tell Everyone AGAIN, How The Shotts Protected Anyone From Anything and just for the heck of it, I suggest you watch this video link that has Doctors and Scientists Very, Very Concerned about what the vaccines have done and are continuing to do to your body. IT CAN NEVER BE REMOVED from the Human Species!
        I think you need to take this Video VERY SERIOUSLY as it’s Based On the most Recent Information from an Actual Scientific Medical Studies Reported Facts and Findings! I truly hope you never experience any of these issues! 🙏
        However you DO Need to Stop Believing and Trusting Any Official Narrative In The Future!

    • Keep in mind the report used specified- if a person that was killed in an accident or was in late stage of an illness such as cancer but tested positive for having COVID19 virus (not necessarily any symptoms) was counted as a COVID19 death. The CDC released a report a year ago that only 6% of the deaths recorded were actually from COVID19 and all those had chronic illnesses (most at risk). Don’t assume keep looking for the truth or you’ll get sucked in by all the lies.

      • I can attest to that. My husband had a friend die in October 2020 of a motorcycle accident yet… the death certificate indicated “covid” as his cause of death. Then I suppose he managed to die just in time to vote of course!!! That family of the man in the accident took that to court. Many people live through many viruses and don’t flip out over it. This SHOULD have been no different!!!

    • Mike, you watch TOO much TV news…. OF COURSE even if one person died is a big deal… BUT show me REAL proof that vaccine HELPED at least one person… oh there’s none beside the ‘fake’ numbers media puts out… BUT regardless what you believe about the vaccine, by all means take them, take all the boosters you want – its YOUR choice BUT forcing someone to get the vaccine against their will is NOT right anyway you look at it… well, maybe not you but most people

    • It is my opinon the virus started when they started their controlled study group receiving the vax – so many died so quickly – they used that as an excuse to vax everyone for the supposed pandemic to be initiated knowing people would die from it … as each person got vaxed, the virus increased … It is my opinion that the vaccine is what caused the virus & if people didn’t get it, they might still be alive today … some of those who received the vax may have given it to those in their family not knowing they would be contagious & because they were never given full information of the possible outcome … It is my opinion that each person decides what they put into their body, not government.

    • If early treatment was instituted in many countries even actual deaths from covud could have been cut by 3/4. You cannot send someone home and tell them to come back if they experience breathing issues. That is akin to murder.

  6. Fantastic news, good over bad, higher consciousness over low, high vibration the conquerer. Humbled the creator kept my family safe. Love ❤️ and light ☀️ to the world. Time to heal and educate.🙏🙏🙏


  8. I believed Mike Adam’s and Steve Quale and did not take the Lucifer serum (otherwise called an experiment bio weopon)My job is still on the line.

  9. Hay Mike, why don’t you walk around with 2 masks on, or maybe 3? Your monster doctor fauci says that works!

    I’m trying to figure out why biden and his cartel isn’t on that list. If it wasn’t for the Biden cartel, no one would have listen to any of this garbage and, lined up to get this “shot.” It truly is sad because a lot of GOOD people died from this BULLSHIT!

    These inhuman monsters NEED to be held responsible for what they unleashed on the public. They deserve to pay restitution to the world, and they deserve to be punished, along with their families for what they have done.

    These monsters wanted to perform genocide on the world. They deserve to have done to them what they were going to do to us. They deserve their children to be sterilized so this “BAD” seed doesn’t spread any further!

    These monsters ARE sick, and need to be stopped at all costs, before they kill any more innocent people!

    • Klaus the Nazi Clown Schwab should be at the top with demon Albert. The agenda is the new world order with all of us vaxed , tracked, enslaved and trans humanized. Good reply to useful idiot Mike.

    • The holy bible says in the endtimes dont let any man deceive you how many was deceived by listening to LIARS greedy stan ruled people and some still believe these serial killers THEY ARE EXPOSED PRAISE THE LORD MAY THEY GET WHAT THEY GAVE TO THIS WORLD REMEMBER HOW MANY PRECIOUS GRANNIES GRANFATHERS MOTHERS FATHERS CHILDREN WAS KILLED IN THEIS PLANDEMIC lets wake up and stand up for truth and pray for those who are deceived that OUR FATHER will open there eyes to see and ears to trutb so that they can hear lets not judge but help where we can

  10. It never fails to amuse how people are so proud of their obedience… how they believe everything their TV tells them… how righteous they begin to preach about ‘the truth’ they ‘know’ about virus, variant, vaccine etc etc. Everybody uninformed enough to have ever believed one word about the pretendemic proves by their faith in a fairy-story that they have less awareness and intelligence than a headless chicken.

  11. Death… is and always will be a tragic and terrible thing. The problem is more so that covid was an imaginary ace card played by the pharmaceutical industry to make whopping trillions off the world. Now all TV shows are “sponsored by Pfizer and Moderna. If this is so legit – and a reason to walk around constantly freaked out and scared, why didn’t the death rates of the 2018 flu season rock the world with even MORE deaths on the VAERS records? Where’s the upset for that year? I also have this question to pose; IF not ONE DEATH is acceptable…. WHYYY IS DECLARING WAR WITH RUSSIA??? That is by far, FAR MORE DEADLY THAN THIS VIRUS COULD EVER BE!!! Are we okay with nuclear world War 3 now?

    • Gates wealth went from about 80 billion to 124 billion since the so called vaccines. Fauci made incredible amounts of money also. Both invested. Along with all the others. Lake of fire for them all.

  12. Fear is easily administered when people are not knowledgeable about their own health. They look to doctors and scientists as if God came from the heavens and said take the jab to save yourself. People are not prepared to become their own advocates and trust those with the degrees to instruct them. The people have been taken advantage of and many have suffered from trusting those who designed these agendas. Accountability is the only resolution.

  13. How in God’s world could you support the end of Christianity. They are evil people that wants you to be their slaves for ever. Freedoms gone forever.

  14. Barbara, great reply to Mike. Believes MSM lies. Some never wake up. So much out there on the deaths and injuries from the the vax and boosters. And many died in hospitals from Remdesivir and vancomycin and a third drug. That Fraudchi protocol that cdc mandated to hospitals. Look up Dr Bryan Ardis.

  15. Don’t forget that briiben knew what fauci knows back in jan 2021. He is in with all of them. He needs to be given the same jab je tried forcing on us publicly. See what he thinks about that?

  16. I’d like to see them all (everyone who’s mentioned here that’s evil) lined in ankle cuffs, hand cuffs, pants dropped and getting jabbed until they all turn into crocodiles!

  17. If everyone had opened their own eyes, they would have seen this in the beginning. I was one such lucky one. NO JAB!. Exposed multiple times. NEVER got it!.I knew it was a flu from the start. NO One in my family got a jab.

  18. I wonder where Warren Buffett’s money is being spent on all these criminal things that Bill Gates wants to do in his doing once Warren Buffett has gone who’s going to be responsible wow if he if he’s doing this while he’s alive imagine what he’ll do when he’s gone

  19. Adam,,,,No one ever forced anyone to get the vaccine. The consequences of not getting it, is personal choice. BUT, anyone that did not get it, still has to obey the rules set forth by businesses. Each business has the choice to disallow you into there businesses, whether it is vaccine, masking. It is their business, and they can set their own rules, to which they did and still can. BTW, I have family in the medical field, that know more than you. They have been huge in drug studies, and i will listen to them, before believing an article that has no name mentioned, to who wrote it. Do you see a reporters name listed at the start or end of the article? NOOOOOOO you don’t !!!!!!!

  20. A huge lie from the start bullshit mandates vaccines let all involved get the Death Penalty Klaus Gates Pfizer Trudeau Adern the lot of them and everyone else who supported these evil people into Depopulating nnocent people worldwide

    (In the name and blood of Jesus Christ) Amene

  21. If Ricardo Bossi succeeds in gaining a political seat, or even better, PM of Australia, he will make it a priority to reintroduce the death penalty. So if your an Aussie pundit, vote Australia one.

  22. All the Countries leaders are part of the NWO. They are crule and not only must be jailed every think they they own must be take from them I believe there family”s know all about there plans

    • Some where deceived just like many of us. They trusted the system but never knew that it has been compromised. Like tge WHO and the rest.

  23. I pray that these people be brought to justice, including Faucci who lied before congress in a congressional hearing. He denied doing the gain of function experiments. I pray they all pay for this wickedness done to the world

  24. Finally something is said about the criminals or deep state infested evil that is running this asylum and the world and I believe that the reason that this happened at all is because our creator in Heaven Elohim and Christ Yeshua are getting ready to return and they loosed Satan and his demons from Hell and then they turned this world into the most ungodly evil place ever and only the the elect or chosen would be saved and they refuse to worship the Beast and system that is what is currently developing and will soon enslave everyone except those who refuse to except the 666 mark of the beast chip in their hand 🤚 or forehead and repent of all sins committed in their lifetime then they will kill all who refuse to comply or except the mark, just like we saw with the recent scamdemic and just complete authoritarianism because these young leaders and Hollywood and a large portion of the population are under a strong delusion and have sold their souls to HaSatan for 30 pieces of silver and are a bunch of Judas goats. All will receive their rewards and be put in the fire 🔥 of Hell and be with HaSatan and his fallen angels and burn forever until their souls are destroyed by Christ Yeshua. It will be a sad day for all of those who wouldn’t bend a knee and worship the true savior and creator of this universe.

  25. Ya idk. I fear this may all be part of the plan. Restoring the news??!. I’m not sure this isn’t just going to cause mass fantasies. Time will tell but time is running out and the lies are as strong as ever. Why do we have to give info to comment? Lol see paranoia already setting in

  26. Yet we still see these same people out and about like nothing is happening?? I call BS!!! Only way this is going to stop is when the people take back power and execute those who are traders to mankind and do it publicly!!

  27. The article 8s a few months old. I’d love nothing more than to see all these a–holes hang. But the WEF just had another meeting in Davos. Gates is still buying up all the farmland. Big pharma is still reaping their I’ll gotten gains. And Fauci is still spewing horseshit. So I’m gonna wait to start Poppin the confetti and champagne till I see a few of em in cuffs. Perhaps getting felony busted in an airport. Or woke up in the middle of the night with the feds pounding on his door. And a cnn news crew on had to film it all. ✌️

  28. The good news about the vaccine… 90% of democrats took the jab and the boosters. The world will be a better place with out them.

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