Bill Barr Makes Terrifying Admission About Election Law Violations in 2020

Welsh, Rich | Although those weren’t his precise words, they were exactly what he meant. Despite the fact that it is banned everywhere but California, he informed the committee that he was not interested in ballot harvesting. Where else could you go? I’ve figured out where Trump went wrong. He should have inquired as to how much the Democrats paid Barr to turn a blind eye and cover up election fraud, and then paid him twice as much. What’s to stop you? Barr has already proven to be a crook.

“Uh, the election was not stolen by fraud,” Bill Barr says. And nothing I’ve seen since the election, including the movie ‘2000 Mules,’ has changed my mind. (laughing) That’s it in a nutshell. The GBI [Georgia Bureau of Investigation] was not impressed with it, and I was not impressed with it either because I was waiting to see what the photographic proof was.

I figured, well, if they have a bunch of photos of the same individual dumping a bunch of ballots in different boxes, that’ll be difficult to explain.So I decided to investigate the picture proof. The data from the mobile is underwhelming. Simply said, if you take 2 million cell phones and figure out where they are physically in a huge metropolis like Atlanta or somewhere, you’ll find hundreds of them that have passed by and spent time near these boxes. And the idea that that’s a mule based on five boxes or whatever it was is indefensible.”

Donuts for dollars, Barr never even seen 2000 Mules, and in the second place, he denies using the same technology during his time as purported Attorney General. And, according to him, it is usual for persons who are not attempting voting fraud to come to a halt near these boxes.

But what are the chances of 2000 people stopping near several drop boxes every night? The chances would be insurmountable. Why does Joe Biden think he’ll be able to finish a sentence before that happens?

The Gateway Pundit’s op-ed

Bill Barr, on the other hand, clearly does not comprehend or care about the law. In Georgia, smuggling ballots is prohibited. Hundreds of ballots are dumped into Georgia drop boxes by dozens of ballot traffickers, according to the film and dozens of video leaked after its release.

If Barr was truly committed to protecting the law, he would have looked into each example of ballot fraud revealed in the video and afterward.

A US Postal worker was photographed making four trips to the Liberty Center satellite voting center in Detroit on October 29. A private vehicle was used for the final journey. The number on the front of the US Post Office vehicle is the same, despite the fact that the personnel delivering the deliveries are not the same!


  1. An impartial election allows observers from all parties to observe the count. If it was above board why kick out republican observers & tape pizza boxes to the windows? Why kick out republican observers saying the counting is closed down until the next day & the take out suitcases full of unfolded postal ballots from where they’re hidden under tables & count them? Are Americans that stupid? I doubt it! Totally rediculous that no one will investigate it. Why the sham comittee? If the Jan 6th comittee was a genuine attempt to investigate the minority’s nominated members would have been allowed on the comittee. Just another cover up, Pelosi & her sergeant at arms are responsible for the security of the Capital building, Jan 6th was their failure.

    • Yes, Americans ARE that stupid. We turn a blind eye and allow it to continue and even endorse it with our silence. By not wanting to get involved, by thinking someone else will do it. We are kinda like the Jews in Nazi Germany. Didn’t fight back when they still had the power to do so. Then, it was too late. Nobody is coming to our rescue. It’s up to us. Right here, right now. We must fight like savages to keep our great nation or it will continue to slip away. The GOP has no spine. They won’t do anything and have repeatedly demonstrated that. The Dems know this and exploit it every day. Hope is not a strategy for success, especially when it includes the hope that the Marxist/Fascist left will collapse under it’s own weight. Even if it did, at what cost? We’ve had it too good for too long and our freedom has apparently lost it’s luster to many of us. We are soft and lack real conviction. Yes, we Americans ARE stupid and deserve what we get.

  2. Barry daddy allowed Epsteine to be a ” professor ” at the college he ran… What more could you expect from the fruit of those loins…

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