Biden in SHOCK as over 74 million Americans demands vote recount

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Trump loyalists push to revisit election results in communities around the country.

Reiterating his allegations of massive voters fraud and electoral malpractice in the presidential polls, US President Donald Trump has told his supporters his fight was to ensure that Americans have faith in this and future elections.

Within days after the election, we witnessed an orchestrated effort to anoint a winner, even while many key states were still being counted. The Constitutional process must be allowed to continue. We are going to defend the honesty of the vote by ensuring that every legal ballot is counted and that no illegal ballot is counted, Trump told his supporters at a White House Christmas Party on Tuesday.

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At a public meeting last week in Cheboygan County, Mich., a lawyer from Detroit told county commissioners that the voting machines they used in 2020 could “flip” votes and throw an election. She offered to send in a “forensic team,” at no charge to the county, to inspect ballots and scanners.

In Windham, N.H., supporters of former president Donald Trump showed up to a town meeting this month chanting “Stop the Steal!” and demanding that officials choose their preferred auditor to scrutinize a 400-vote discrepancy in a state representative race.

And at a board of supervisors meeting May 4 in San Luis Obispo County, on California’s Central Coast, scores of residents questioned whether election machines had properly counted their votes, with many demanding a “forensic audit.”

The ramifications of Trump’s ceaseless attacks on the 2020 election are increasingly visible throughout the country: In emails, phone calls and public meetings, his supporters are questioning how their elections are administered and pressing public officials to revisit the vote count — wrongly insisting that Trump won the presidential race.
READ MORE: Joe Biden and DEMS To Lose Their Senate Majority Even before Midterms
The most prominent example is playing out in Arizona’s Maricopa County, where Republican state lawmakers have forced a widely pilloried audit of the 2020 vote. That recount is being touted as an inspiration by small but vocal cohorts of angry residents in communities in multiple states.

“I think there is clearly a justification to do that type of audit that they’re doing in Maricopa County. That’s what I wanted to see done here,” said Ken Eyring, a local activist in Windham who recently appeared at a rally with former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski. Eyring said his only goal is to make sure Windham’s machines are accurate.
Behind the scenes, a loose network of lawyers, self-styled election experts and political groups is bolstering community efforts by demanding audits, filing lawsuits and pushing unsubstantiated claims that residents are echoing in public meetings. Much of it is playing out in largely Republican communities, where Trump supporters hope to find officials willing to support their inquiries.


    • Bc IT WAS RIGGED!! WHAT DONT YOU UNDERSTAND?? Trump was winning by a landslide then all of a sudden the election flipped..

  1. This is really true cuz I doubt it I would love it to be true because I truly believe that the votes were miscounted illegally

  2. The resistence to transparency is sickening. I feel we are just slaves to the theiving marxists who use our taxes to reward their own. While raping the private sector. Audit all these partisan traitors.

  3. The count in maricopa, doesn’t equal the official count. The reason they have done it so many times, is to run it through different tests for signature verification, and forensic analysis. Last i heard, 74 thousand ballots were recieved, that there is no record of sending them out, and they have not been folded, ( as if they were actually mailed). Bidens administration is so bad, we should have thrown the last election out, and started over with id’s and a personal visit to vote.

  4. I can not believe that 81 million people voted for this bad government. If 81 million people wanted to ruin the country,. Biden surely is the president for them. I honestly believe the American people are smarter than that. It should be America first. This so called president has already committed treason by not protecting the American people. He needs to go.

  5. It’s not that anything was stolen.everything and one was setup, used in a manner of deception. The media and the ideology was plan. Indoctrination was key. Biden is being used for other secretive people agenda maybe even pay back. All being said. Trump warned and Trump was right!

  6. Joe Biden the most popular president in history? Yet he can’t even fill a town hall meeting. Piles of evidence, but your going against democracy if you mention it. If it was fair and honest why are they trying so hard to block any transparency. These scumbags stole the election and we all know it! Why would the FBI raid the elected official in a dawn raid, just because she did her job and made copies of the Dominion machines before Dominion destroyed evidence. Days before the Supreme Court case on the 23rd of Nov. See what’s going on in Colorado. It’s obvious, there not even good at there deception. And let’s kick that monster George Soros out of our country. I don’t care if he’s forbidden in any other country. Antarctica would love a Demonic soulless entity like him to pick on.

    • Biden had to lanvuish in jail along with Cameltoe, Schumer, Pelosi, mad sociopath scientist Fauci with his collaborators & other traitors to the US Constitution and the Country to give justice to people being ripped off of their liberty and future. If possible, capital punishment to stop them completely and prevent them from escaping.

  7. Michiganders can’t walk ten feet without tripping over a Trump flag or Fuck Biden flag should be more than enough to keep up the AUDIT. Especially after Benson’s illegal voter registration laws. Voting laws have to be legislated. And when they were in bipartisan legislation. Gretchen Whitmere vetoed it. So she’s going to be voted out. Garrett Saldano is going to be in the Governor office in 2023

  8. There has been too much leaked video for the demorats to insist it is a baseless concern. On top, the furious blocking of every examination to set determination of propriety. If all was fair, evidence would vindicate that.

  9. In JO-Bama’s own words. ” we have the best voter fraud system in history”. Or very similar wording. But it was the most secure election ever, so the left say. Mountains of evidence is undeniable. They stole it. TRUMP WON! HE IS OUR RIGHTFUL PRESIDENT.


    • Think of all the sabotage to the people of America they funded the research in Wuhan then nano teched the vaccine and some kinder of organism growing in it, all planned obviously.ukraine the central hub for yet another strain of virus, money laundering Ukraine apparently was Rothschild [CB] MAIN HUB, So election fraud unsubstantiated… Ridiculous. And who are these people defending these satanic deciples ?

  11. Controlling manipulating and overpowering Democrats sick people with no agenda how is it that we let this happen if we don’t fix it they can never be another election again.

  12. 81 million votes for Biden and 75 million votes for Trump equals 156 million votes out of 163 million registered voters…only a retard would think over 95% of the registered voters voted….something stinks to high heaven…FJB

  13. You tub is mixing ads and picture ads as much as they can mixed in with these articles. We know what the Tub is doing.

  14. Its obvious that Trump won and the left rigged the election if this is not corrected then we can never have another ” Free and fair ” election.

  15. I think ur right! & I’ll add, they may have hooked it up to the hot water line because, we can smell the shit he’s spreading in every state, including Hawaii!!

  16. Haha! U & I think alike! I call her “cameltoe hairless” & there’s “nasty piglosi”,
    “ly’in biden”, & we just can’t forget those little sally’s “suck-a-bouger” & dick-nose”! U know those 2 were picked on every day all throughout school! They added a new meaning to “revenge of the nerds”!!

  17. Great question Ross ! I was going to hit Newsmax and ask “Who in the hell do you think you are? Discrediting the FACT that our election was one massive corrupt clusterhump?”. Newsmax is, obviously, a biased commie rag that would discredit their own mother if she told them who their daddy really is !

  18. They are fabricating wars and stealing our money daily. Do we want to be remembered as the first country to earn independence and freedom from oppression just to lose it? Notice who says this is the greatest country.. The only people trying to come here and people fleeing warzones that we created. Capital punishment didn’t work. Representative democracy didn’t work. Federal reserve didn’t work. Sometimes you have to cut out the sickness

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