Angry Protesters Chant F**K Joe Biden In NYC today

President Joe Biden is becoming increasingly unpopular even in Democrats controlled States. In a video posted on social media, thousands of protesters could be seen on the street of New York City chanting F**k Joe Biden.

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It was later ascertained that the cause of the protest is the vaccine mandate being enforced by Joe Biden and Democrats in many States across the country. President Joe Biden has recently stated that his patience is growing thin with people unvaccinated. The president went ahead to mandate employers to enforce the vaccine on workers. Many federal workers will lose their Jobs if they refuse to get vaccinated.
READ MORE: Joe Biden and DEMS To Lose Their Senate Majority Even before Midterms
This has caused outrage for many reasons. For one, the vaccines have not prevented infection by the virus and there is no proof that vaccinated people are not transmitting. These and more have caused people to question the vaccines and why the Biden administration is forcing it on people.

Meanwhile, Governor of Texas Greg Abbott issued Executive Order (EO) No. GA-40, prohibiting any entity in Texas from requiring any individual, including an employee, to receive a COVID-19 vaccination if that individual objects to the vaccination “for any reason of personal conscience, based on a religious belief, or for medical reasons, including prior recovery from COVID-19.” Violation of EO GA-40 can result in a maximum fine of up to $1,000 per violation. With the issuance of EO GA-40, Texas joins Montana as the only two states with current orders or laws directly addressing private employers’ rights to mandate vaccination for employees.

The Executive order issued by Governor Greg Abbott is in direct defiance of Joe Biden’s vaccine mandate. But at the same time it guarantees the rights of Texans as provided by the Constitution of the United States which Joe Biden is supposed to be defending with his Executive powers. No wonder New Yorkers are getting tired of the president’s agenda.
President Joe Biden is however, making efforts to pass his spending bill. A bill that will further increase the debt ceiling of the United States If the bill gets passed, it will enable the president and his administration spend trillions of dollars to further his agenda. Part of which is to keep welfare packages rolling to illegal aliens that have been swarming in through the porous borders.

President Joe Biden is less than 1 year in office and these protests will not be the last he faces. But the question remains, just how low will Joe Biden sink the United States before he gets out of office?


  1. Fraudulent elections have consequences.
    If we don’t take real action,(treat this fraudulent illegal illegitimate Democrats as the enemy that we know they are and remove them), we deserve whatever these communists dish out.

    • I totally agree with you Aaron!
      If we as a American People do not get these fraudulent Democrats out from both the House and Senate this coming November 2022, we will be a Communist County, Not A Capalist Country with our Freedoms taking a way!
      We need to get both the House and Senate with Republicans!!!! So we can get ride or these Democrats that are wasting Taxpayer’s MONEY 💰!

  2. These corrupt politician are a waste of tax payers
    Money. They are corrupt to the core.!!! They are destroying our country. Sold us out to the Chinese
    CCP. WAKE UP AMERICA.!!! Before it’s to late
    Get ready for the draining of the swamp. It’s wide
    And deep. Their days are number. All these corrupt politician needs to be executed including
    The rhinos. Than we can have our country back for we the people.!!!

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