A Texas attorney general and Sen. Rand Paul files lawsuit against Anthony Fauci over Covid Virus Creation



The emails, dating back to the beginning of the pandemic, provide no proof that Dr. Fauci sought to cover up the origins of the virus.
Attacks on Dr. Anthony Fauci from the political right have ramped into overdrive this week, following the release of his emails spanning the early days of the pandemic.

The emails sharing information on COVID-19 have become the latest hot topic on conservative news channels, even though they neither indicate a cover-up of the origin of the pandemic nor provide any evidence of wrongdoing. Nonetheless some Republicans – including Missouri Sen. Josh Hawley – are calling for Fauci’s resignation.

It’s a new strategy Republicans have taken in an effort to turn the public against President Biden. However, 71 percent of Americans support his handling of the pandemic, according to a recent AP poll.
Republicans are attacking Fauci in an attempt to promote an unproven hypothesis that the coronavirus could have spread from from a Chinese lab. Fauci has said the virus was most likely spread “from an animal species to human” but he told CNN he hasn’t ruled out “it could have been a lab leak.”


On Thursday, Rep. Steve Scalise demanded Dr. Facui be called to testify before Congress on the virus’ origins. And President Trump is also taking aim at the emails as proof of a conspiracy.

But the White House is standing behind the chief medical adviser and his credibility.

“Dr. Fauci is a renowned public servant, uh civil servant I should say, career civil servant” said White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki. “He’s overseen management of multiple global health crises and attacks launched on him are something we certainly wouldn’t stand by.”
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  1. Thank you Senator Ran Paul for taking the time to defend the American people, against Monster Fauci.. We the people honor you and appreciate you work n dedication you give us.

  2. All information one has on Dr Fauci and on the nature of this pandemic must be sent to the Global Health and Pandemic Council and Jim Jordan in Congress

  3. I’m so grateful to Mr Ron Paul Putting this evil doctor on notice,on the behalf of the American people, please put this evil Dr away for good,he definitely destroyed 🇺🇸 America

  4. I vote YES to get rid of Pelosi and Fauci. Worse, they need prison time. Lots of it. While your at it the Clinton’s and Obama too.

  5. I don’t think he’s the only one responsible for this pandemic. He’s just the guy that could make it happen but because he got his hands dirty too he’s just as guilty.

  6. Be sure to read before you sign. I clicked on a link to sign one thing and this is the total opposite of what I clicked on. Very deceptive. P

  7. I think Dr fluidity should be charged for the conoruvirus.that mad close to billions of people sick and causing 700,000 and counting of death.plus Pelosi for over powering the speaker of the house. And Biden for causing voters fraud and lieing to the public. And also Ms Clinton put in jail for her part in the attack on our senator of Lebia America compound that killed our senator in Lebia. So all these democratic left wings should be charged for treason on America and their citizens.

  8. So very proud of Rand Paul. Faucci needs to go, he needs to be held accountable. Who gets by with mass murde. Faucci and the Chinese government. That’s who..

  9. He needs to be in prison for his part in all this. If I was to do what he has done I would get a life sentence or the death penalty. He took part rather voluntary or in voluntary in millions of people dieing and billions getting sick and are still dieing and getting sick. Others have formed from what they created and is killing and make people sick.
    He should be in prison with no chance of parole.
    Him and anyone that had anything to do with it should be in prison license stripped from them publicly.
    This was worse then Hitlers gas chambers. Having to look in to loved ones eyes as they pass for no other reason then someone wanting to play God. And him and others that had part in it are walking around free men and women and fat pockets to boot. Our hard earned money we worked hard for, and lost family members for no reason. They shouldn’t be above the law. What is fair for one is fair for all. Put there ass in prison were they belong.
    Unhappy American,
    Larry Michael Thornburg

  10. Wow the propaganda in this article is scary. First off they aren’t “attacking” because he supports democrat administration. Second they are not “attacking” him because he lied about origins.Third Dr.Fuaci actually helped finance and orchestrated the studies done in Wuhan from 2009-2016. So the indictment is for pergury for lying about funding and research in gain of function reasurch used to develop SARS Covid 19. Then they are also indictments on fauci for advisory position which caused draconian laws to be implemented worldwide. You think we don’t see this and figure things out but the only ones y’all fool are the television sets at the airports. Liberty and Democracy God Bless The United States of America.

  11. I cant believe that we (Americans) have not done something about this… are we really that ignorant these day??? We need to unite and put an end to this.. to them!! Un believable that he is still breathing. Karma, yep.. Karma for all involved!🙏

  12. Biden / dems you all suck!! And all voting for these fakes has and will destroy us ! Get facts! And ill tell you its not here!! Fox news is only place you will get truth in all this madness

  13. All them evil doers in the white house gotta go facui has killed lots of people he needs to be put in prison
    Nancy her day is coming God won’t stand for this no more.

  14. Google you have to be ashamed of yourselves ! I’m deleting all your crap changing my email and bidding you goodbye. Period!! You are the reason this world is getting so fucked! You all better hire a huge army to protect yourselves, when the mass’s figure out what you have done hahah ?!!!! Good luck .

  15. Whoever wrote this article is an idiot. If you don’t see that Fauci is part of the depopulation that’s going on with this fake ass vaccine. Then your an idiot. Go get your booster shot.

  16. Can’t we save tax payers money and skip him being tried and just get to the execution? People try me everyday and I don’t see sh%# except red.

  17. You want us to sign the petition then make a place for us to sign. When you get to your site you have no form to put our name information on.

  18. Dr. Fauci has to be made accountable for his role in the covid 19 pandemic. The countries around the world are now in civil wars because of him playing God.

  19. St. Fauchi needs.to go. It’s neither unfounded nor.debunked that fauchi is his authority, funded work in the Wuhan lab that resulted in a virus that effects.humans,.made from a.virus that did not effect.humams. WHY? ASK BILL GATES AND.FAUCHI WHY.

  20. Oh PLEASE,. Even though I want Fauci to be gone — These petition always seems to go nowhere. If 1,000,000.00 signatures were given, I bet NOTHING would be done to this evil man Anthony Fauci who committed crime against humanity. Sorry to say it, but I believe it’s TRUE. Watch w/n 2 more years Fauci will still be walking around free as a bird.

  21. Millions have now died because of he messed about with viruses. Viruses that would not occur naturally now circumnavigate the planet. This man is finished. Fauci should tell the world who ordered him to do this.

  22. He should be fired or worse, he has helped destroy our economy and caused more harm than good with every word he has said and then recanted, then said the opposite, oh crap what was he supposed to say today again?

  23. We need to remove all the democrats from office if even by force! This is not America anymore and it’s allot like Hitler Germany and there’s more of us then there are of them
    The election was a fraud and I’m all for bringing this country back at all costs

  24. He should be shot full of the virus and locked in a cell to slowly and painfully die he should never be allowed to ever step foot back on the outside and should be used as a Ginny pig for all viruses that causes suffering and pain and a slow death

  25. He should be JaiLed on “Crimes against Humanity” Treason! Against The American People! I have an Dead Uncle because of him Very Upset..

  26. Fauci is just a liar. Read “What really happened in Wuhan” by ” Sharri Markson” if you want the information and the truth. Meanwhile if you think having the vaccine that isn’t one will save you then you are as deluded and stupid as Biden is senile. The vax will probably do you damage and if the Swedish report is correct even now the vax is trying to damage 53BP01 and BRC01 proteins in your cells that protect and repair your DNA so stand by for lots of new cancers in jabbed folks in the next 5 years if the psychopaths in charge haven’t released a better more targetted virus in the mean time to specifically wipe out all of those who have fallen for the mandates and the control to force you to have a jab you don’t need. This is part of the program to cull the human race enough to ensure we are controllable in the future and is part of Agenda 21. Meanwhile those of us who might be left will either have to live in an underworld or will be in pens lets call them districts where you will do your job get fed the bare minimum and do as you are bloody well told. Remember “The hunger games”? That is what they want to do to us. Get the population down to around 2BN and stop any form of rights or freedoms. As Schwabe said “You will own nothing and be happy”. Why do you think he said that? That is part of the future we are giving to our children if we don’t start dealing with these psychopaths now! Think its a conspiracy theory? Conspiracy theory always comes true it just takes time. That’s all.

  27. So very clear Dave+tutt
    More of us than of them.
    They are our servants. Lets fire them all. And be prepared to defend your freedoms against this SoreAss funded communist revilution attempt to overthrow our GOD given liberties and our freedom.

    Ephesians 6:12 Put on the whole armour of God

  28. Fauxi a deep state jesuit should be tried for treason against we the People of our Republic. Nuremberg. Fauci is no different than nazi doctor Joseph Mengele and is without a conacience. Follow the money and observe how the wicked prosper at our expense. As always. GOD’s judgment is coming for the wicked.

  29. Jesus Christ is LORD
    He will hold the wicked to account.
    Fauxi likely never held the precious Word of Life in his wretched hands, except to defile it. Eternal damnation has no end. GOD calls all men everywhere to repent.

  30. Fauci needs to go to GITMO for crimes against humanity! Media that is complicit in keeping the truth from the world needs to go with him!!

  31. I want Dr.Fauci FIRED, as the rest of them. HOWEVER, Check this out. IT WON’T HAPPEN. Nothing ever does, petitions, petitions, petitions, fall on death ears. Everyone knows what crimes of humanity Fauci has done, and the Media & those evil people will always & have been protecting him. So, let’s see if this petition will work to get him fired. Hey, look @ the petition for Gov. Newsom of California worked out❗These peo. will continue to cheat & Fauci won’t be gone either & he’ll still be walking around 10 years from now.

  32. Fauci has condemned and actively removed ANY OPPOSITION – He thinks HE IS SCIENCE!! Yet he ignored many reputable Doctors & Scientists who desperately tried to draw his attention to the dangers of treating patients with REMDESIVIR- which has now been proved to cause CLOTTING AND KIDNEY FAILURE. He built his COVID NARRATIVE based upon a LIE propagated through incentive payments to Doctors and Embalmers to declare many DEATHS IN EARLY 2020 due to SarsCovid2 – he then set about discrediting and disallowing early treatment of Covid via Ivermectin, Hydrochloride treatments and literally poisoned them with REMDESIVIR- Desired outcome HIGH MORTALITY- then he pushed his Experimental Vaccine- PRODUCED AT REMARKABLE SPEED – I SMELL A RAT SPEED and it has now been intimated that he may have SHARES IN THE MODERNA VACCINE. He has put people through HELL. People are now dropping like flies, after being vaccinated, specifically with abnormal clotting- the Likes of which reputable embalmers have never seen. Check out DR JANE RUBY on this particular issue. So he is a small, devious and incredibly dangerous man – that stands responsible for countless deaths – many without their families to say goodbye. He’s responsible for job losses, generational businesses having closed and many suicides. Should he resign YES – SHOULD THERE BE A INVESTIGATION into his AGENDA and those that were complicit – ABSOLUTELY!! Lock them all UP – they are DEFINITELY NOT WHAT I AND MANY OTHERS CONSIDER TO BE CIVIL SERVANTS, on the contrary their agenda is extremely TROUBLING and the furtherest thing from their minds is FULLFULLING THEIR ROLES AS CIVIL SERVANTS. BOTTOM FEEDERS!!

  33. I have always said it came from Tha lab. I always have known Fauci was a part of it. Sad part is so was Bill Gates. Follow the money. He owns patents on the virus and on the vaccine, Fauci benefits from both with stocks. It in black and white. Lots of research. Follow the money trail. It is there. Obama talked about the pandemic that was coming. He just did not anticipate President Trump. He thought they would have Hillary Clinton in the White House. There were coffins already bought big plastic ones. Thousands and thousands, one mile from the CDC, in Atlanta at an old Wal-Mart warehouse. Factcheck it. Jesse Ventura and Alex Jones did a video on them. Obama bought them. He also bought 33 thousand guillotine. Placed them in 33 Democratic states. Built 33 FEMA camps for the coming pandemic.

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