25th Amendment Invoked To Remove Biden After He said the Unthinkable

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After President Joe Biden made a series of statements favoring escalation in Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, there was much discussion on social media about invoking the 25th Amendment to remove him from the White House.

During a speech in Poland, Biden assured American soldiers that they would see the “backbone” and “guts” of the Ukrainian people “when you’re there,” implying that the United States would be placing boots on the ground in Ukraine.

Many people saw the conclusion of Biden’s address on Saturday as an indication that the United States was advocating for regime change in Russia and the removal of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“For God’s sake, this guy cannot continue to be in power,” the president stated of Vladimir Putin.

“The President argued that Putin cannot be allowed to wield control over his neighbors or the region,” the White House said immediately after Biden’s speech. He was not talking about Putin’s dominance in Russia, or about regime change in that country.”

Following this, several famous personalities on Twitter referred to the 25th Amendment.

“Now Biden — FOR THE SECOND TIME — starts with some clumsy attempt at levity. It’s a little scary to think that this guy is ‘leading’ the free world at this time. This isn’t a political statement from my political party. As writer and author David Limbaugh pointed out on Saturday, “this is unsafe, as well as a variety of other negative consequences.”

“To be honest with you, the 25th Amendment was written just for situations like the one we’re in right now with Biden,” Limbaugh stated. “However, at least two factors are working against this occurring. 1) His managers are in charge in any case, and 2) [Vice President] Kamala [Harris], although not mentally ill — simply ignorant — might be far more dangerous.”

“Yesterday, Biden said American troops have been fighting in Ukraine & more are headed to fight there,” author Max Abrahms tweeted Saturday. “Today, Biden said the goal of U.S. policy to Russia is regime change. Recall, the media called for the 25th amendment when Trump sipped water or walked down ramps carefully.”

As foreign policy commentator Clint Ehrlich put it, “imagine if President Trump had strangely informed U.S. soldiers that they were being sent to attack Russia.” “Try to see it in your head! ” Nothing except the assertion that he is mentally incompetent and must be removed under the 25th Amendment would come out of the courtrooms. In the same way, Joe Biden did the same thing this morning. He has, nevertheless, the support of the media…

Host and commentator Jack Posobiec commented, “Take the keys away,” after Biden seemingly told troops they were going to Ukraine.


  1. You have got to be kidding me. The 25th amendment because he said Putin shouldn’t be in power and that our soldiers would see the guts and backbone of the Ukrainian people when you’re there?
    Please look back on the history of our Presidents’ statements and actions; then put your opinions in context before you opine on what you believe is patriotism. Besides, the 25th Amendment is for when the president can not function as president, not for when the President says something stupid, threatens other world leaders, breaks the law, lies, ignores lawful obligations etc., etc. Get real.

    • Whoever has Biden’s back honestly needs to undergo seriously brainwashing therapy, they’re obviously oblivious to what’s going on or they’re for real un American and should be deported immediately. Anyone that can’t see what he’s done to America and the world is completely complicit or just as much anti-American as he is. So just shut up and sit down or leave, we don’t need you here.

    • In case you haven’t noticed~ joe is mentally challenged at the very least if not totally incompetent to hold the office he purports to hold! Its blatantly obvious that someone else is behind him doing all of this destruction to our country! And if you think that was just a one off that he said then you have to be even more mentally challenged than he is!! My God look at what has become of this country since he supposedly took office! You obviously dont have any children or any pride in this country or even worse the desire to see this country thrive and for us to retain what freedoms we have left!! Joe and harris are definitely not the answer to our problems! They are the cause of making them wor5se!! YOU get real!!!

    • You misunderstand. It’s not just that. From the first day. This morning I was thinking his signing for the shutdown of the Keystone Pipeline for energy independence is like signing the Declaration of Destruction of America.
      News is reported that Iran, because Biden administration seized two Iranian oil tankers allegedly headed to Russia will now shut off all tanker traffic through the Strait of Hormuz.
      As a source of oil for America, the tanker traffic stop will inevitably lead to skyrocketing energy prices, and even more so the EU, is dependent on that oil as it have stopped receiving oil from Russia. Because of Biden and his sanctions America will hit the wall and people simply have to make choices. Fill the tank or buy food, fill the tank or pay rent. Fill the tank of pay the mortgage. Hard times are coming and the skyrocketing oil prices will lead to higher prices for everything including basic necessities.
      So, can you now see the signing to shut down the Keystone Pipeline, was the first dominoes to fall in Biden and the democrats’ plan to change America into something completely unrecognizable and socialist? That is also why he should be impeached. However it should not happen until after the mid-terms. The democrat’s need to get taste of their own medicine.
      They impeached Trump twice, no evidence, complete harassment, however in Biden’s case, total evidence of misfeasance, malfeasance, bribery, corruption, etc.
      Then if Harris tries anything with an executive order the Republic can draw up articles of impeachment and have it out with her. As they are simply doing what the republicans did to the Trump presidency. Perhaps America will learn how to separate talking and twitting, from actual performance to the good of the country, and not be so petty hating someone and supporting lies unsupported against him. It’s not just one thing.

  2. Stolen elections have consequences. Biden and the lefties are all in foreign government pockets. Do you understand treason?

  3. The partisan politics here are hurting this country . How convenient it is to sensationalize and deliberately dramatize these words . The truth is you have a hypocritical stance as you ignored the last guys upsetting remarks . Watch as this is stupid attempt to sensationalize just adds more devision between American citizenry . Grow up!

  4. I agree slow down on the floride water dude…..We are going to be sleeping in the streets and walking to work cause we can’t afford the inflation that Biden has created….This puppet and his Handlers the deep state are destroying this country on purpose to bring in there surf NWO reset where 85% of the people will be illuminated and the other day 15% will be food and party driug slaves……hello

    • Only low lives will attack their own government. Mostly only seen in the USA. It’s pitiful to read about such stupid behaviors. In addition who ever is complaining about a mere $6.00 per gal gas price is because you all are simply a bunch of losers that want almost everything for free. Pathetic bunch of starving nitwits

      • You know what you s o b your lucky I don’t know who you are. unlike 99% of my fellow Republicans I’m made up of a little bit of violence and sin and that what makes me so I’ll be at the front lines. All you demoncraps Heaven will send hell for you and bring all you to your knees. But I do have a bone to pick with Republicans.you all have this overwhelming evidence of all the crazy from Hillary to Biden, Obama and all the other criminals why the fuck aren’t you doing anything about it and now your saying Hunter might walk away from all this you said there’s overwhelming evidence of them selling out our country isn’t that enough fight fire with fire play them at there own game and start by shutting these news company’s down for lying cuz I wouldn’t be telling these demoncraps shut the fuck up

  5. Biden should be impeached on mental stability issue and Kamala Harris on incompetence…who even heard of her until she was in office and she doesn’t know a thing about running a country. And while your cleaning house charge Nancy Pelosi on crimes she’s been involved in making her millions..when did a speaker get rich like her from her job ?. United States and Canada both need total overhaul of bad govt’s…they would be in a revolution if they hadn’t scared the pants off people with virus that had 99.9 percent total recovery rate… unbelievable how evil the world is right now…who can wait and for wait ? War is next !!!

  6. Do you understand treason? Trump trying to overturn a free and fair election, causing death that’s treason!!!

      • Ms. MicheLe
        I must say how much more bad things does Biden have to do to show you he
        Not for the American People do you realize covid was a scam to kill of millions of people.
        Do you not realize that our country was a great nation when Trump was leader of our Country inflation is from Biden the war with rushssian and ukrain is bc of Biden everything Biden has done is to take down our country . Trump never lied to the American people do you realize Trump doesn’t even take a paycheck for being our President Biden stole the election get your facts straight .

    • I don’t understand the cooperation of right complying with the laws of the left, and the unconstitutionality. We need the army Corp of engineers at mexico to finish what was started regardless. Are there any Generals with the fortitude to step forward, and risk it all. No Balls My Lady everywhere I’d guess. Com’on man you got the power under the laws of the constitution to perform this simple task. Get with it soldier. I’m sure you would be retired with honors. Eisenhower would have done it. You-all Generals are pussys in the face of the enemy. Get out and earn your paycheck.

    • He doesnt have to TRY to overturn the election! Every battleground state has proven~ some by going door to door~ that President Trump~our true PRESIDENT did win the 2020 election and that it was stolen from him! Do some research! Also joe should be up on charges for his dealings in Ukraine and China!! Suck on those sour grapes for awhile! This whole situation is obscene!! And treasonous!!

  7. I agree with you 100%. Someone had mentioned that Trump should be nominated for Speaker of the House in November which he will immediately impeach Biden and Harris slipping Trump as President! Biden/Harris/Pelosi, all 3 should be Court Marshalled! Pelosi definitely should be Court Marshalled for acts of treason! Biden should be spared if he is admitted to a Memory Care Facility and Jill should then be Court Marshalled for Elder Abuse! Obama/Clinton, whoever is the puppet master behind Biden should also be found out and ousted to the Media and then Court Marshalled! These people owe the American People Millions for the hell they put us thru. The money we are spending for groceries and fuel is out of control! They need to be held accountable just like they were trying to hold Trump accountable. Trump was right with everything. Don’t get me wrong, he is an ego-maniac but he is a businessman and quite ruthless at that. Your feelings may get hurt by what he says but you know what, your feelings will get over it!

    • Michele well said .at least Trump was pro American not just Wallstreet or powers that b.the man had to deal with alot .I think he deserves another shot at it.look at all he did with them standing in the way.i can’t wait to see what he does when there not In the way ……Trump 2024 Trump is the man .kick sum ass Mr president. I’ll be watching.

  8. Bueno me creó que nosotros el pueblo, debemos levantarnos y salir a la calle a pedile cuenta al traidor de Joe biden.

  9. You grow up FOOL! Did you think about the fact that Biden just THREATENED a man who controls enough NUKES to OBLITERATE the entire world? Only a complete moron would think that is okay.

  10. Yes we need President Trump back in office. He was taking care of the people of the US he didn’t put up with shit. Alot of the people don’t like him but at least no one is his puppeteer. We the people must stick to the fact that they in office work for us , are they seriously? Trump did but Obama didn’t and neither is Biden. So that’s my opinion, haters no need for your input. We all have an opinion like asshole we all have 1.

  11. No it’s the lying Biden admin that’s destroying our country, you’re just doing what they always do, cry and bitch when real American Patriots speak up about the evil socialist people pretending they’re running our government.

  12. You literally don’t know the definition of Treason….education is key.
    Why is he not o trial for treason then? Or any other crimes related to January 6? Not even participants are being charged with treason, only trespassing BS……Turn off CNN, they lie

  13. We the people need to build a galoose of four to hang the TREASONOUS. Obama, Biden , Harris( although she was tricked in to office )she is still a part of this HATE AMERICA theme the Obama / Biden administration is about and Damn sure Pelosi for her anti AMERICAN beliefs and personal gains due to information caused by this administration. The gallos needs 4 nooses filled with the necks of 4 TREASONOUS anti AMERICAN, self gain on our tax dollar domestic terrorist group. OBAMA , BIDEN , HARRIS , PELOSI !

  14. With all the conversation about the puppets in our government and the talk about energy nobody even mentioned the facts about the food shortage that is coming to a table in your house Russia and Ukraine produces a huge amount of wheat which produces bread chickens are being murdered off because of avian flu a lot of the feeder calves to produce beef were slaughtered because there was not enough food to feed them and pork has not recovered as of yet swine flu and now it seems like all the places that produce our food are being burned are blowing up or planes are having airplanes drop out of the sky only two destroy the production facility during World War II our parents and grandpa had Gardens they raise their own chickens most of them had a pig or a cow people now have no idea how to survive off of the land we can all do without a car it’s called walking people but nobody can live without fuel for our bodies the administration it would seem is promoting starvation in America who the fuck put these idiots in charge it damn sure was not the American people who still love their Liberty the founding fathers of this country had place to come to to start their own dream I’m not having to put up with tyrants where the hell can we run now to get away from the assholes that are hell-bent to destroy our nation wake up people get a clue it may already be too late God only knows I’ll pray for us all

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